Thursday, April 28, 2011

$15.00 budget

what a week it has been and i woke up knowing it was only thursday, but hoping for friday. this of course being the excuse for lack of posting.

i wanted to wrap up the easter weekend by tuesday, but it is still lingering...candy everywhere and i can't stop eating it.

so, onto the post. with the last minute travel change and invitations sent for east lunch, i had to rally and find some flowers. as usual, no time to run to flower mart or my favorite haunts so off to safeway (right across the street). lets just say the success lies in the greens. lots of greens, little flowers and all for $15.00.

and a few leftover stems for the bathroom.


24 Corners said...

They are lovely and perfect!! All the greenery gives the 'bouquets' a more natural feel which looks so nice and fresh and fits your home like a charm.
We still have a few jellybeans left...the blue ones are awful though, they've been relegated to pure decoration prior to the inevitable tossing, poor things.
xo J~

copelvick said...

WOW, Only one comment... Where did all the people go? I love the post.

Ivy Lane said...

I'm here!!! would love to lunch with all of you wonderful peeps!!!

Have a WONDERFUL weekend!

Unknown said...

lovely! i love tulips & those are waxwing right? those are so sweet! susan

Yvonne @ StoneGable said...

Beautiful florals and images! Beautiful blog!