Sunday, November 28, 2010

how low can you go

so, a cold front has hit sf and the thanksgiving holiday was a record low, the lowest in 118 years during this time frame...low 40's.

i guess one could say i have acclimated since moving from nyc as this weather does feel really cold to me and i am already on the hunt for a new down winter coat. BUT once i recall the walk from the subway to my apt (15 minute walk) during the coldest winters of my life in nyc, i have to calm down and be thankful for the 40's.

wherever you are, i hope this finds you warm, with a full stomach (leftovers of course) and bundles to be thankful for.

another image from ETCETERA etc, by sibella court.

Monday, November 22, 2010

fast times with the mo

sitting here, thinking of one of the many points of light in my life...and man's best friend emerges on top.

we have had b-mo 5 years now. before he came to us he was in 5 different shelters in southern california....he would get moved to the next shelter right before dr death was able to get him, his name should really be lucky. eventually, someone brought him to san fran (which is a no kill city) and his mug was posted on pet finder....the rest is history.

his favorite color is red. he has fire in his eye and belly.
his name comes from benji, which turned to benjamin mohawk (that is his real hair and his natural mohawk) to b-mo.
he likes apples
he has survived some big fights and is as tough as nails.
he would like to eat vermin and small children (sad, but true)

this post is for anyone who needs a little pick me sure works for me...every dog gone time.

Friday, November 19, 2010

back at it..

heading to the cabin...hoping for some meaningful blog opp's. another painting weekend in store...the transformation is painfully slow.

love this photo.. i imagine it being the place the hipsters stay when hunting in the woods. hee.

image source

Thursday, November 18, 2010

men too...why not?

for many of us the scent of roses evoke some sort of emotion and many of us quickly recall grandmothers, aunts and the ladies of the family. this is defiantly true for me and my scent memories. grandma maxine had roses everywhere, paintings, towels, plants, perfume and the list goes on.

well, this scent also takes me back to india where i found it more common for men to wear rosewater. this is when i felt compelled to start using rosewater and more secure in my masculinity, not threatened by indulging in a scent i love . i purchased several bottles and once they were gone they were gone and i stopped using it and way too busy and lazy to find pure rosewater locally.

which brings me to a great product that i recently has quickly become a favorite and i use it daily. it is intoxicating and the perfect fragrance level for someone who is not keen on cologne or manufactured fragrance. is just right and not to overpowering.

its a great lotion that is light and at the right price. $12.00. perfect holiday gift in my book.

dr. hunter hand creme

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

unfortunate reality

i have been a bad, bad blogger and admitting it to myself and then others is the first step....right? unfortunately life has its agenda and sometimes it trumps ours. i'm going with the flow, but wanted to call it like it is and tell myself and you that my early new years resolution is to get connected again to, what seems to be, one of my only creative outlets/therapy.

i took this photo last week after this load of clean laundry sat in this same spot for 5 days, in THE KITCHEN. that says it all..everything in life seems to be falling behind. at least it was a load of lights and not so bad to look at.

happy hump day to you....may the rest of the week be a downhill joyride.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

living with the things we love

i received this book as a gift from our real estate agent after i referred a co-worker to him. he is an amazing guy and with all the time we spent with him...well, we consider him sf family. (props to you jay m).

this is one of those books that you tend to look at over and over actually "lives" on the kitchen table and has perched itself there for over a month now. it is my escape from the chaos of everyday life.....and i must pick it up 3 or 4 times a week when i need that mindless, gazing fix. it works every time...totally transports me into her world and love for textures, prints, fonts and basically all things old.

sibella court, the author of the book, tugged at my heart strings with her personal story and as you walk through her book, you immediately realize her gift of making old feel new and fresh.

all images taken from ETCETERA etc, by sibella court

Sunday, November 7, 2010

before & after x's 2

well, i can barely sit up straight after this weekends cabin face lift, but i am bound and determined to get this post out before dinner is delivered (rainy day = indian delivery + we are too exhausted to think about cooking).

1st series is the creek on our property, it dries up in june/july and they said starts flowing again in november. well...yesterday it was bone dry AND by mid-day today it was flowing AND when we leaving.... it was raging, thanks to the rain blessings (i wish i could record the sound and play for you, so soothing). check out the path that goes to the top of the property.

2nd series...OMGosh, this is the hallway with the door on the left leading into the large bedroom. we decided to remove the single door and put in french doors (they were free from our friends j&l, the remodeled their victorian several years ago and saved these).

so, you can see the wall is gone, but the doorframe is close to being in and then the rest is history. is here, gotta run. hope your sunday evening is restful.

Friday, November 5, 2010

champs at last

champagne that is. why you ask...well we are going to spend our first night at "hillside cabin" this weekend and there is due reason to celebrate.

this great bubbly is from our dear NYC friends as a house celebration/warming gift and we decided to save it for the first night (i think we have been holding it for 3 months now...and believe me, that is a feat in itself). i'm sure after a long day of work tomorrow this treat will sooth the sore muscles (or hopefully distract from the aches and pains) and ring in a new beginning.

so here are the deets: it really isnt ready for overnight guest, but we are totally game for cabin camping. the blow up mattress is in tow, the fridge is being delivered tomorrow am (key for the champs), there is no shower head but there is warm water, and of course b-mo is beyond the point of excitement.

tomorrow should hold some great photo's ops for upcoming post, as we are pulling out some paint brushes and bringing a little sparkle and clean to the front "porch" room.

one more note...what do y"ou think of the name? the house sits on a hill and actually most of the 3/4 acres is hillside", so we think this one has a ring and is a keeper. let me know if you can think of something else...we are open to suggestions, but do this one fits the bill.