Sunday, October 31, 2010

addiction...this too shall not pass

emersonmade is still one of my favorite blogs to visit when i need a pick me up, a shot of sunshine and flirting or just a moment to think of nothing other than a basic observation of, what looks to be the simple life....she continues to woo me. i am addicted to her, almost as much as i am to alice waters and ina.

this is what halloween means to me as a mature (ha, ha), civilized adult. (lol). but really, she evokes the best kind of costume.

happy halloween, i hope you get something sweet. if you are like me, you have got a head start to the holiday bulge...its starts around october 15th when i can't resist the family packs of twix, kitkats, reeses and you know the rest of the story and what halloween can mean to some of us...candy.

i like to say "getting ready for winter and storing up some extra protective fat". it works.


Friday, October 29, 2010

Happy Friday!

so, i've have been vacillating for the last 3 weeks on floor paint color, but do think i am getting close.

my original and true inspiration is the JCREW shopping bag. have you seen the new bag...the color is shockingly is cross between craft and recycled news paper gray (meaning a warm, mushroomy grey). anyway, when i was at bmoore 3 weeks ago i picked a color in the same family..but i didn't quite get to the depth i wanted too because i didn't have a bag handy, so back to the paint shop tomorrow to get them to match the bag. (thanks for the bag maya)

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

faux or fur??

it can be a slippery slope when discussing these types of topics, but i have to get your opinions on hides.

thoughts on these in your home? i happen to have a beautiful white hide, that was a gift from someone special. its original purpose was for back patch/label for denim jeans for an iconic/american/luxury know..the classic one with rich history in americana....

well, it ended up in our home...something i have loved seeing, but not a must have. now i can't imagine the room without it.

love to hear your i doomed?

photo source here, recommended on one of my fav blogs, remodelista.

i has been a long, dry spell. busy with job changes, constant flow of visitors all summer (a joy indeed) and life. will try harder...

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

2 to 1

so, for those inquiring minds out are some photo's of the progress of the demo (sorry about the grainy photo's) on the cabin/shack.

i have done many cosmetic interior projects over the years and always tell my clients it will take much longer that you could imagine (not disclosing it can take up to twice as long...don't want to scare everyone away), but one tends to forget these rules when they apply to you.

these photo's are the before and after of the "previous" kitchen dining nook. now you see it, now you don't. thankfully it opened up the space just enough to create a flow that is all connected with the exposed beams and planks. lets see after the next stage if the flow remains...but for now there is hope.

the problems is now just a big room with nothing in sink, no fireplace...just lots of glue that needs to be scraped off by hand before we can rent the sanding machine. if you do not see a post after next weekend....i have been sucked up by the cabin/shack or am stuck to the floors and can't get up.

ps...can you see the before ceiling in the photo...high gloss, varnished plywood..with layers and layers of varnish. i bet they put a new one on every year. fancy.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

warm white

evoking the warmth of the season inside, with the texture (literal) and color of outside. i mean, why not plant that tree right in the center of your light filled entry.

i do love the warm white on the walls & trim, with that raw-wood bench and the deep rich gray pillow. dreamy.

photo found on coco+kelley (a favorite bookmark)

Monday, October 18, 2010

weekend visits

it has been a busy summer with guest, travel and of course the cabin/shack project ....little time for rest, but when you are with close friends....the time together can be the equivalent of a nice, long escape of a nap.

well, the weekend before last we had some friends from seattle and nyc in town visiting. of course they were chomping at the bit to see the cabin in its "before and very naked" state. so, we just planned a nice weekend in the wine country.

i have to say that i did bring my camera, but i did not take the time to scout some great shots (my friend john was the photographer and i am anxiously waiting to see the results and promise to post more then).

well, i was able to secure a wine tasting at scribe winery in sonoma and i couldn't have imagined a more blissful setting than this. you must visit this special winery on your next trip to sonoma valley. total local feel with an optimistic and young and careful energy. this place is protected from the growing commercial feel of the wine country. i can't speak enough about it, but can share a few shots.

the photo of the big spanish style home is a home on the property that they are going to start restoring soon. they told us to take a peak and explore our hearts out, so while i enjoyed a nice pinot, my partner in crime took them up and explored the home and discovered some great drawings on the walls (bee drawing). it is a diamond in the rough..with all the original elements to make this one a stunner.

the last photo is of this charming outdoor dining room out of odds and could say it is etsy gone wild.

photo's by myself and LDRC.

Friday, October 8, 2010


i have been hounding a friend of mine for 3 years to let me into her closet to shop. she is one of those people who have been collecting vintage apparel for years and years...... and has become one of my few style hero's.

well, she has finally come to her senses and launched a brilliant business, StyleKouncil. she is now styling private citizens and cleansing and updating their wardrobes with both new and vintage pieces, even some pieces from her own private collection. this is brilliant for her and if you need an update or consult for a special event...she's and her new business partner are your gal's. anything from vintage chanel to rugged and vintage special addition levi's. too good to be true.

so, this opened up our conversations of my raiding of her closet, but instead she edited some items based on a few request from me AND came over to my place and did a private trunk show....i scored a few coveted items.

i have been wearing this wrangler jacket every day for the last 2 weeks and there are no plans in the near future to change this routine. and these wingtips are beyond all hopes for detail.

more to come on StyleKouncil. the website is launching soon.

Monday, October 4, 2010

keep walking that i told myself early sunday morning as i threw on my sweats and ran accross the street to the grocery store to get some coffee/cream. (why do i let it come to this place).

anyway, as i entered the store the fall/holiday flower shop was buried in boxes of these small gourds. i did a double take at the white ones and then darted to the coffee isle in hopes of getting in and out get back to my sunday morning NPR routine with no further distractions or purchases. stealth focus.

so, i just wanted to see how much they were charging this year. @ $0.59 each it would be a crime if i didn't grab a few....and the story gets murky after this.

a few shots from my sunday morning futzing around..