Thursday, November 15, 2012

the ship came in

my favorite french antique importer in san francisco welcomed her largest container from france EVER.  all i can say is i was overwhelmed when i walked into the warehouse.  i have never seen so much STUFF..and most of it was still wrapped up in boxes.

she actually lets me dig by box.  i found a box full of enamelware and my heart started jumping out of my chest.  why you may ask, well...because she has the best prices ever and i can actually walk out with a box full of goodies for under 100.00.  they are covered in dirt and grime and in need of a little bit of tlc, warm wather and soap and a splash of hope.

here are a few goodies from my recent box of smalls. 

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

wintery weekend

we went to seattle last weekend and were embraced by blue skies in november, which go hand in hand with, some cold temperatures.  i is a sign of getting old...talking weather, but boy oh really was an awakening to how spoiled we are in northern california.

even though my bones were on the verge of splintering with the cold weather, our host was able to share their warmth and cozy abode, which made the chill all the more enjoyable.  and i have to say, they really know how to make the simple things elegant. 

there is nothing like a working fireplace in the pacific northwest.....brings back many memories of my 15 years living there.