Wednesday, November 26, 2008

purist at heart

simple, affordable table top magic. i'm a sucker for creating a dining experience with something other than a mixed bouquet of holiday themed flowers. not dissing anyone, but this is something i enjoy doing every dinner we host.
this is another great idea we all can do. i spent $5.00 on paper white bulbs ($1.00 each), $9.00 for candles (using 6 on the table, they are 2 for $3 at wallgreens), i took some gravel and poured it 1/2 up on each different container if found in the kitchen, then stuck in the bulb (try and really mix and match in the same color). For the candles i just wrapped twine around each candle and tied it in a knot to give it a personal touch. ok...this is sounding too get the point.

double the pleasure

great little boxwood family finds. these two will only live inside through the holiday's and then out to the stoop they go. i don't think they are the indoor type, but a great simple pleasure. old zink pots, $5.00 each and the plant's were 2 for $10.00.
it's looking pretty rustic, but i think that little modern etching, with simple framing, gives it that clean and simple elegance(ok...elegance is not the right word, but i have been cooking and cleaning all day in prep for thanksgiving..that i just can't think of the perfect, descriptive word)

Saturday, November 22, 2008

perfect paring

this is just my style. cheap ($ serious), modern (of sorts) and a lovely shade of white-ish. i have no idea what decade this is from and as long as it is older than 1969 i should be ok.

bargain basic

in my opinion, one of the few investments you have to make to furnish your home is your sofa ('s). when i first move to SF from NYC i didn't have a sofa, so i found a great shop in Hayes Valley called Montauk. Great hard wood frames, down filled and deep (so you can sleep well if your kicked out of bed...kidding). The sofa i loved was a Huge investment, so i went home to think long and hard about it and do some measuring.
Well, my friend Pam (red ticking, seattle) went into the shop a bit later and i told her about the sofa i loved. when she was searching out the store she found a used one in the very back corner, same model, same linen cover and it was 1/2 the price. i put on my jet powered vans and flew down to Montauk to check it out. what had happened was, a customer purchased this sofa and once she put it in the room, she felt it was too big, so the store agreed to let her put it in the back of their store and try to sell it. It was still an investment at 1/2 off, but i would have paid full price and bellied up to buyers remorse for years to come......

creative landscaping architecture

i decided to plant some bulbs next to the house i just bought. ha, Ha! Another great find--this great little scale model found at the local flea market for 5 bucks. i'm not sure where it will land, but this little piece of real estate couldn't be passed up. the funny thing is, i didn't get there early this time and it was still sitting out in front of the booth. either i'm lucky again, or a complete confused fool. i'm affraid to think to hard about it. happy planting.

this better pass as color

see, i can do color too. i've heard some of you loud and clear. i have to re-state my personal position on color. ready.....i like color in my life, i need color in my life, but the amount of color needs to be in small doses, like this little french provincial seaside painting. e-bay find. this was my first live auction and i didn't know what i was doing and somehow got locked in and i won. well, i love it, but the price i paid made me believe it was MUCH bigger than 6.5" x 9". this is not one of my "bargain/affordable finds, but does represent for my color loving friends.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

been there, seen that

i know, that molded glass water bottle has already made its debut, but has since been moved to a new spot and now belongs to a collection of odds and ends. ranging from the $20.00 decanter found in the south of france, to a set of 3 hand blown vases for $50.00 at an antique show in seattle. to me, this is a great way to display your clear glass collection (if you don't have one you can quickly obtain one) and make it half functional (brandy bar) half display. well, not really display...more like a simple, strong statement. you can keep adding, and adding, and adding and since it is all glass, the "clutter factor" isn't screaming in your face. unless you decided to fill them all with brandy. it is an idea.

Mirror, Mirror on the floor

this mirror is officially misplaced, due to the constant "flea market finds" and weekly shifting of "stuff". i saw this mirror in the window of a local SF shop "gypsy honeymoon", but knew not to ask how much because i wasn't in the market for a gilded mirror AND didn't know how i would get it home. so, it was settled the timing was off, so i didn't ask. funny thing is, i kept walking by the shop and after several months (including visits inside the store) i decided to ask. well...lets just say i figured out a way to wedge it into the huge, old volvo trunk and made it home amongst the family of "shameful" finds. let's just say it was worth sacrificing 100 latte's for. honestly, it is quite difficult to find great french mirrors these days, especially ones that are not adorned with all kinds of bobbles, flowers, baskets and angels. i have to admit, i knew from the moment i saw this mirror i had to have it and i guess i was either a fool for buying it or really lucky with the time. the best part is the clip on lighting from the local hardware store...$7.50.