Tuesday, January 31, 2012

reading room

this has to be the best window seat around. can you imagine? all those great books surrounding the window, that great old window itself, a space that seems to have limited foot traffic and that breeze that i know comes and goes all summer long.

the rustic feeling is so apropos for the current climate of our culture. the little luxuries of life that have been bi-passed for decades, due to our need to build bigger and better. we seem to have lost touch with priorities. i am trying to keep this personal and not political...i just continually find myself longing for simpler times and this image evokes that.

getting personal

had such a wonderful weekend with family in town. we played in the city a bit and then headed out to the county for a long walks and good food...... and before, after and in between we spent our time laughing our heads off.

the joy and magic of spending time with the ones you love is refreshing and a great touchstone for hope of how the balance of our lives will be.

image 1 eucalyptus trees at jack london state park. amazing memories of this day.
image 2 family in china town, sf

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

p & r

this ones for you...in hopes of this being the year of you discovering your little piece of the pie. this image reminded me of you..

Monday, January 23, 2012

all are gone.....

....but the memories live on. well, someone made it onto the coveted christmas list of a local and prominent cookie maker. all i know is that i will do anything to stay on this list....thoughts of trading in b-mo have even crossed my mind. kidding. what i am not kidding about is the way these little treasures melt on your tongue...holy cow.

thank you mirna, you have changed our lives with these cookies and the love and time are valued.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

2 dry

2 months, too dry. we have had the driest winter on the books here in sf and the sonoma valley has been no different.

same time last year our property was covered in lush ferns..this year i had to go out and buy some green. planting in 65 degree weather in january is really messing everything up...tricking us to believe it is spring. not going to complain though...we have had some amazing winter walks...bird watching...gazing.

i found this cement urn at local antique mall, the price was good i am embarrassed to admit. but it is priceless to me and makes for a good before and after.

UPDATE: it rained this weekend...woohoo.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

down time

mandatory time off = sleeping in until 9am for a week, homemade warm biscuit's with jam and coffee at 10am, catching up on reading....i know, sounds slothful, but i had no idea how tired i was.

i was also able to muster up some energy to drive a few minutes to do some antiquing...looking...

a few highlights in these images (the guy wouldn't sell me even one rope...i can see why)

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

its a wrap

in more ways than one. shwew....we made it through another year and hopes are high for 2012. lots and lots of hope.

so, when push comes to shove i always revert to my favorite wrap style. junk drawer. i always keep a stash of new york times fashion section on hand, as you know twine is a staple in my home (i use it on everything and for everything), greens are also an easy way to spruce things up (no pun intended) and the copper gardening tags have been in my junk drawers for over 20 years. in my opinion, the best labels ever.

hodge podge you may say...true, but surely wrapped with love...i think that is all that really matters.