Tuesday, January 31, 2012

getting personal

had such a wonderful weekend with family in town. we played in the city a bit and then headed out to the county for a long walks and good food...... and before, after and in between we spent our time laughing our heads off.

the joy and magic of spending time with the ones you love is refreshing and a great touchstone for hope of how the balance of our lives will be.

image 1 eucalyptus trees at jack london state park. amazing memories of this day.
image 2 family in china town, sf


Dennice {Fringe} said...

So many wonderful memories and moments...thank you, dearest, for a perfect weekend.


24 Corners said...

I thought I recognized that beautiful mane of blonde hair! Wonderful that you were all able to have such a fun and special time together...that's what *it's* all about!!
xoxo J~

red ticking said...

nothing better than family, friends and lots of love..

brock street said...

just the best weekend ever.