Saturday, August 27, 2011

its for realz....

irene is a comin. we were suppose to wrap up our magical montauk vacation week today...but all flights and transportation out of NYC are cxld....meaning we are stranded in irene's path.

so, we are still in the hamptons, but have moved off the beach to higher ground and hunkering down for our first hurricane. thank goodness we are with our dear friends r & p who are totally calm, cool and collected planning wonderful meals and flowing wine.

here are a few shots of the east hampton village early afternoon. nothings going to hold back these new yorkers...they are still out and about.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

for starters

it has been such a hectic summer with work travel, personal travel, out of town guest, cabin work weekends (every weekend we are in town we are work, work, working), the city apt has been neglected.

for starters there has been limited fresh flowers in the house and this is a cardinal crime in my home. so, i troll the back garden for little pieces that have broken off after a wind storm, or just pop off an extra branch to give a little guy a chance to be his own plant. trying to justify of course....

thank goodness succulents thrive in northern california as they are at the top of my favorite list and the easiest to care for and i really enjoy the texture and sculpture they offer.

i wanted to show you some of my prizes...oh and a box of plants i bought on my last journey to see my sister in so cal...she has a secret garden location and i think this whole box was only $30.00.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

details, details, details

it has been said many o times...sometimes by me...sometimes by mentors, that attention to detail is key, prime, mas importante (spelling) know what i mean.

this little primitive room proves that point in so many ways. the bedding, the lighting and that great little shelf/console/table make this room exactly what it was born to be.

we all know these walls are, or at least meant be, filled with stories of laughter and secrets. i can imagine throwing my backpack on the top bunk to hold the space and jamming out the door feeling like a million bucks and knowing there was fun to be had.

and all that emotion was racked up by the most primitive little room with the "just right" details.

ps..yes, i am still trying to figure out how i would be able to get in that top bunk..i do have long legs, but not that long.

image here