Tuesday, August 28, 2012


..or should i say spinning....or maybe whirlwind.  i think you get it.  this is how life is feeling for me and so many of us.  what is it..why does it feel different...i think it is because i am getting old.  that is it, i am old and tired and need naps..and god knows i don't get any of those.

well, along with this moaning and groaning comes moments of clarity, joy and grace that attempt to center me.  i just got back from hong kong and shanghai (work) and as usual, the personal time is limited, but i had one of those moments of peace..right in the middle of talking production, cost increases and the usual scary stuff you do not want to recall hearing. 

well, one of the general managers of one of our facilities walked us across the street from the production line to his private pottery studio.  i was floored and speechless by the calm and still of his studio (right in the heart of a bussling suburb outside of shanghai.  he told me he goes there when the chaos starts to kick in.  he calls his art/creative buddies and they all get together and throw clay...the tension lifts and beauty blooms.   can you believe this......???

next city on my list to live in..shanghai.

Sunday, August 26, 2012

home again

seems like i am never home anymore, either traveling, at the cabin on the weekends or working.  after i walked in the door from one week trip to asia (work), i couldn't think of a place i would rather be than our sun filled living room in san francisco, california, usa. 

while in shanghai, i had a feeling, that turned into internal contemplation, that turned into realization.  should i just throw in the towel and stop this brock street blogging or should i keep on keeping on...overwhelminingly i knew i needed to keep blogging.  the cyber friends i have made....well, i like them (you) and i miss my creative connections with you. 

i hope you are still there and hope we can re-kindle our pittering.

apt. living room.  august 26th.  2012.  usa.  jet lagged.