Thursday, September 15, 2011

be back soon

heading out to asia tonight... and i always have a hard time saying goodbye to b-mo. these darn dogs are just so connected to us and smart. i have stopped skirting around packing in privacy and hiding the suitcase from him because he knows exactly what is going down, so now he just sits and stares and moans and grunts. poor mo.

here are some photo's taken this summer at hillside. b-mo just sits at the front door while we putter on the property. these photo's will definitely keep me grounded while i am away...

will be back in 8 days and hopefully have a chance to capture some moments on film to share with you.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

who dinged the door

these doors couldn't get any better. if these doors were mine i might consider sanding them down and then giving them a fresh coat, but right now i love them as they are. ageless to me.

photo found here

Monday, September 12, 2011

i promise...

.....i am still not stuck out east after irene. the playing catch up to being out of the office for a week is insane and i often question if it is worth it. no, i know it is worth it....i'm just being a bit dramatic.

anyway, we did our annual stop at my favorite sag harbor retailer, bloom. she know's how to curate a store like no ones business. i am talking spare in all the right ways. talk about cleansing...well, you must visit to see for yourself.

these are a few photo's taken from the phone, so the clarity is a bit to be desired, but the inspiration is shining bright.

ps...can someone layer on a bit more beach charm to go with the rope door handle.