Thursday, June 24, 2010


as i was speaking to our real estate agent today i received an email from a co-worker who has been enjoying this house hunting adventure with me. she knew we had made an offer in the wine country and found some inspirational links of cottages and homes on apartment therapy as encouragement and high hopes.

i just clicked on this image when our agent told me they accepted our counter-counter offer. so, i thought i would post this one to mark the moment + the landscape and lighting remind me of northern california wine country

now the next brock street renovation journey begins. i anticipate this to be a fun way to express and share what is going on with the our friend at 24 corners, but on a much smaller scale.

image found on apartment therapy "shawn and amy"

Wednesday, June 23, 2010


a little bit of a pallet cleanse.

it's all about the life that this tree brings to the room. i admit i am not a huge indoor plant person (or should i say indoor tree's), but this is just so acceptable and perfect for this bright space.

i was looking through old postings on decorno and found this great image from skona+hem.

i know i have seen this on one of your blogs...but i can't remember who's. nuts.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

fast and furious

summer is here and as we all know the cherries are abundant and at every street corner. i had to photograph them and include them in my 2 day red theme.

the second photo is business card from my new favorite sunday brunch spot. the place i had buttermilk pancakes & fried chicken smothered in maple syrup a month ago. had to stop in this last weekend too.

now to the interesting "fast and furious" title. we looked at a cabin in sonoma last saturday....then went up again on sunday to confirm the first impression...then signed the offer last we are waiting.

i knew it could be great when we got off the freeway 40 minutes outside of san francisco and we were surrounding by country, country and more wine country. then we turned off that road and continued for 7 miles of winding country roads surrounded by vineyards, a lama farm, pastures and just before the cabin a zen retreat with monk's walking the property overlooking the wine country. it was like i was already on vacation and i was still in the car.

one more time...fingers crossed. no photo's of property, but will post if it happens. it is REALLY rustic and not totally charming...but potential out the ying yang.

Monday, June 21, 2010

i'm a walking contradiction

i must be wondering if someones wires crossed and my blog was mixed with another.

i usually don't go for too much color, and especially in the bedroom, BUT this room rocks my world. i'm digging the modern window's, floors, walls with the red louis-ish twin beds.

i stayed in an 18th century monastery in lille, france in 2003 and it had this exact same sensibility. the old stone foundation and walls that had been completely modernized with touches of local, antique furnishings...a hint of charm indeed.

photo from the book family at home by anita kaushal

Thursday, June 17, 2010

let your hair down will ya

so, this swedish designer really knows how to break the rules and do what is organic and natural and also seems to be quite practical. i can really appreciate the clean clutter look.

the stairs in the middle of the room could seem out of place, but because they do not have railings (do not scale these while under the influence for sure) and are open underneath, they play a nice role in separating the kitchen for the main room. eclectic indeed.

i am going to allow myself to have a few piles going this weekend and see how it feels. lived in maybe...imagine that.

this is the summer cabin of designer Carouschka Streijiffert. Photos by Martin Lof.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

can you throw in a little more charm with that

this is what i'm talking about friends.

using your own, simple and often rustic sensibilities. i would really like to travel wherever this is this weekend.

what i love is: the light blue painted crates with cushions, the branch and sheet awning, the log tables/stools, the lake.....must i say more.

be inspired, i sure am.

canadian h&h, july 2009, photo credit stacy brandford

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

trinkets (is that how you spell it)

as some of you know, i prefer to keep all my clutter contained. if i knew how to do "things you might also like" on this blog i would recall some old post for your reading pleasure.

anywho, these little trinkets obviously belonged to bud and mac and they sat on their desktop as long as i can remember. bud had a roll of stamps in his and mac had buttons and paper clips.

i asked my family to save these for me and they did. they are kept in the clutter zone, in the dining room built in and it is as if they were meant to live there.

the smallest memories create the biggest treasures.

Monday, June 14, 2010

look into my eyes

back by popular demand AND a demanding dog. he made me do it, cant you tell by the way he is staring right through me in the picture?

happy monday, and make it a great week. when you don't feel like doing something, do it with a smile...

Sunday, June 13, 2010


wouldn't you know it, it was a beautiful weekend in SF and i was out of town. we had a rainy may, so any weekend that is in the 80's is golden. well, i can't complain because i am home and still enjoying this beautiful city with its crystal blue sky and light warm breeze.

anyway, back to the weekend. did you know there were lavender fields in northern california? well, i didn't either until my friend laura pointed this out last year. we actually had a trip planned last year, but i had a last minute business trip to asia, which threw off the whole trip. boo!

the challenge for me is the busy summer and the fields are only open for 6 weeks. we have had this trip on the docket for a year now and we finally made it this weekend.
let's just say it was stunning, as the backdrop is the glorious mount shasta. these pictures do not due justice to the majestic, in person experience.

unfortunately, this year has been a wet season and the lavender (french and english) is about one week behind in bloom. as you can see, the buds were just ready to begin their transformation.......soooooo close...shoot!! it was still breathtaking, but there is already a planned trip for next year to ensure we see this in full bloom.

we also found a great little 1930's mountain lodge in the town of mount shasta for our overnight stay. charming, with the antler anchor to the main lodge.

hope your weekend was a magical as mine.

Friday, June 11, 2010

from farm to flat

i found this little table/stool recently at my one of my favorite french importers warehouse. her container got wet on the ocean and everything came in covered in mold and it was a bit groady to say the least.

i wish i had a before and after of this one, but after lots of sanding, fresh air, and lots of sunshine this great little piece is perched in its new SF flat (for now anyway).

the details on this old log are really, really rough and the legs are not even and it leans a little to the left...which ultimately means....we are a match made in heaven.

the best news is there is a little sister, totally the same kind of primitive cut legs, but a tad smaller and way more sun drenched and weathered.

have a great weekend. i am off to mount shasta with my crew to take in the lavendar fields. they have a very limited season...and it is now.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

bright white

always drawn toward the bright white walls with deep rich flooring. especially when it is a room that is drenched in light like this one.

this room is really has the old, the new, something rustic, a bit modern and of course...small doses of color (can you see any color).

this room designed by vicente wolf.

oh...and most importantly thanks for all the well wishes. it was a great day of celebration and family...just like bud would like it.

Monday, June 7, 2010

city cabin

our bathroom is looking a bit rustic/cabin-ee with this little collection.

a rcvd this great little bird piece of art (the bird on bottom) from my friends brenda & meg back in april. i wasn't sure where it was going to live, but i think this is just the right spot with 2 favorite flea market finds. the perfect trio indeed.

off to idaho for bud's memorial. be back soon.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

sunny sunday

happy sunday.

late start today and then a nap on top of that.

70's in sf = rooftop with book. its not the beach with a hammock like this photo, but when i close my eyes i am in the background in the ocean....

Saturday, June 5, 2010

round & round she goes

i bought this stool a while back from a dealer, but it needed a wee bit sanding before i brought it into the apt. well, it is saturday and it is in the 80's and the rooftop is calling my name and i have one of those handy dandy sanding bricks ready for action.

so, the sanding took about 5 minutes....and done. i'm not sure why i waited so long to do this project. the green paint on the base of this stool is super perfect. oh, and on the wood there are drops of kelly green paint that totally make me smile.

it is from belgium and was a steel of a deal.

Friday, June 4, 2010

pride and joy

yesterday was one of those days where you are looking out the window all day, wondering what you are doing sitting behind that desk and running from meeting to meeting.

THEN along came the news that my friend and co-worker katie was on the front page of the new york times home & garden section last weekend.

i purchased 2 of her terrariums from a work craft fair about 5 months ago and blogged them...if you scroll back through blogging history you will see my katie mcdonald post. she is so talented and gifted as an apparel designer as well as her creative craft ventures.

congrats katie...your creative force, with your gentle and loving mother earth spirit is soooo special and you haven't gone unrecognized....i mean come on, your famous.

p.s. she is even more adorable in person

check it out nyt

Thursday, June 3, 2010

and the winner is.....

red ticking. b-mo was blind folded and i spun him in many circles and then had him pick out of the winning bowl.

congrats red ticking. i hope you get as much joy from this little piece of sunshine that i did. this is a little french latte bowl that has its very own perfect imperfection of a chip.

i don't know how old this one is, but she is definitely and oldie, but goodie.

yay! i have a feeling you will like this one.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

before sundown

i don't know how today has gotten away from me, but it has. so, tomorrow before sundown i promise to post the give away and announce the winner.

this photo was actually NOT taken at sundown, but on a beautiful sunday morning a few weeks ago. this room continues to bring solace and the comfort you can only find at home. i am usually sitting on the bench under the window (behind where i am standing to take the photo), with b-mo next to me and a nice cup of coffee....letting the sun warm our spirits.

please note the simple and affordable ikea chairs adorning all the other geriatric objects and finds in the room.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

it's a give away has almost taken 2 years to see that "100" show up on followers. not that i am counting, but i did decide that after 100 followers i would start to post and cell special found objects that i can actually part with.

you know, if you are a "find scout" as i am, it might take a few years to part with some things, but after they have served their purpose it may be easier to say good bye AND what a better place to share the object wealth.

i'm going to set up shop soon, but in the meantime i wanted to give away one of my favorite finds. the only clue is, i have blogged it.

so, i don't really know how to do a give away, but this is what i will do. i will pull all the names of each person that comments on this post and then put all your names in a bowl and have b-mo pull out the winning name. THEN...i will post the winning trinket.

(this little quote from joyce brother's has been on the kitchen table for a very long time...just waiting to be posted)

good luck..

secret society

all the silhouettes, cryptic profiles of people and blushing with charm...that is what the prints in this image exude.

thinking about a cabin we saw on friday. it had all the original charm and character from the early 40's (when it was built). walls, ceiling, everything pine..and right in the midst of 100 year old redwoods.

tempting to think about painting it out to light it up a bit. very den, bear like as is...the brain is churning with ideas...if it were ours of course.

i promise to take my focus off of home buying for a while.