Monday, June 21, 2010

i'm a walking contradiction

i must be wondering if someones wires crossed and my blog was mixed with another.

i usually don't go for too much color, and especially in the bedroom, BUT this room rocks my world. i'm digging the modern window's, floors, walls with the red louis-ish twin beds.

i stayed in an 18th century monastery in lille, france in 2003 and it had this exact same sensibility. the old stone foundation and walls that had been completely modernized with touches of local, antique furnishings...a hint of charm indeed.

photo from the book family at home by anita kaushal


Laura said...

I am dancing in my chair! COLOR! It really pops in this room and just makes me smile. As they say...a little dab'll do ya!

I love it when you take a walk on the "wild" side!

brock street said...

would love to see you dancing on your chair laura. i know, was feeling wild and frisky last night...had to post some red. ha, ha. have a great week.

red ticking said...

let your hair hang down! whoo hooo! xo

Laura said...

everyone is in S.H.O.C.K.!!!

Unknown said...

I am totally with you on this . . . beautiful and a bit edgy all in one!!