Thursday, June 24, 2010


as i was speaking to our real estate agent today i received an email from a co-worker who has been enjoying this house hunting adventure with me. she knew we had made an offer in the wine country and found some inspirational links of cottages and homes on apartment therapy as encouragement and high hopes.

i just clicked on this image when our agent told me they accepted our counter-counter offer. so, i thought i would post this one to mark the moment + the landscape and lighting remind me of northern california wine country

now the next brock street renovation journey begins. i anticipate this to be a fun way to express and share what is going on with the our friend at 24 corners, but on a much smaller scale.

image found on apartment therapy "shawn and amy"


georgina said...


24 Corners said...

Oh congratulations ten times over...and more!!! Such a long awaited dream that is finally a reality, so happy for you. Looking forward to seeing all that you will do...(I think I hear a big sigh of relief, and some popping!)

Many blessings & many happy years of enjoyment in your new, rustic, charming to be, wonderful cottage!
xxoo J~

A Perfect Gray said...

wonderful news...looking forward to sharing the adventure with you...

all the best, Donna

Dennice {Fringe} said...

this news is all kinds of wonderful, darling bro! my heart is full of happiness for you both. here's to the beginning of your journey into the wine country...and all the happy memories you will be making.

much love,

Laura said...

YIPEEEEEE!!!! hey, brock street - I just KNEW red was your lucky charm!

Congratulations to you!

red ticking said...

yipppeeeeeeee let's chat tomorrow. xo

Ivy Lane said...

Yay!! so happy for you!!!! congratulations!!!!!!!!

The homesteadingcottage said...

Recently became a new follower and so glad I found your lovely blog (: I look forward to coming back for future posts!

So beautiful...congratulations on your new adventure! May many blessings fill the walls as you make this house into a home (:


brock street said...

thanks everyone for the kind thoughts and well wishes.
now the journey really begins.
lots of work to roof, sub flooring, you name it...its got it.

hi homesteading apt. glad you visited. look forward to checking out your blog.