Tuesday, June 1, 2010

secret society

all the silhouettes, cryptic profiles of people and blushing with charm...that is what the prints in this image exude.

thinking about a cabin we saw on friday. it had all the original charm and character from the early 40's (when it was built). walls, ceiling, everything pine..and right in the midst of 100 year old redwoods.

tempting to think about painting it out to light it up a bit. very den, bear like as is...the brain is churning with ideas...if it were ours of course.

i promise to take my focus off of home buying for a while.


A Perfect Gray said...

sounds wonderful to be where you are now, pondering what might be...what might come your way....

brock street said...

hi perfect gray - yes, you are right. i need to enjoy it while it last. :0)