Monday, October 26, 2009

cloudy days in this room....NO PROBLEM

in a constant quest to find inspiration, i often look through one of my top 10 favorite books, building with reclaimed materials (january 2007). this is a must have book if you are at all inspired by reclaimed materials and your home.

this dining room rings that simple elegance i strive for: the whole wall of heavenly cabinets, the wide plank floors and the glass ceiling give it that calming touch. i'm pretty sure this room could be whatever you wanted it to be.

did i mention that great fireplace on the back wall? maybe it is just a wood storage spot, but i am going to believe it is a working fireplace (much unlike my "decorative fireplace" in my apt.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

blue weekends

i think my new rule is, blue bottle on the weekends only. haven't tried this blend yet, but will be sure to keep you posted. all i can say is i can smell the beans all the way in the bedroom, almost other end of the apt.

the best coffee i have had in SF, reminiscent of my seattle days. you know, it is the weekend...i think i'm gonna totally spurge and have a cup at 8:36pm (this may just be the beginning of my saturday in the PM)

no modern sensibility

but this little bathroom this all of its primitive and rustic features makes me long for that little cabin in the woods.

Friday, October 16, 2009

i need to jump off of this

my friend blake took this shot on his recent honeymoon in bora bora. ummmmm, do i have to say anything other than work is over-rated. this looks to be life at its finest.

i might ask blake to print this one up, not sure if this is in the brock street budget, but i can at least look at it here until i have the $$ saved up.

thanks for sharing this blake.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

i saw the light

have you ever had a shopping moment when you see something and you dart for it like it is the last one on earth...and you are afraid someone else is going to get it before you? i know, it is a humbling moment for me as i feel a bit guilty for wanting something so bad.

well, i was in an antique store several weeks ago and right when i walked in the door i saw this little gem and did the bee line. to my surprise, it was totally in the pricing language i understand ($39.00), so i didn't even have to ask if they could do better. love that!!

total grab and go experience! actually, maybe i should be honest and say it was grab and run....i thought this must have been mis-marked and didn't want to get caught.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

its never happens...

but i still have hope. every week slooooooowly creeps by, and then suddenly its the weekend and it has already disappeared.

i ALWAYS tell myself "i'm going to take a nap this weekend", then i remind myself that it is saturday afternoon at 3:30 and i still haven't taken my nap. So i repeat the same senario on sunday and then i end up telling myself that same phrase i have been repeating for years "i'm really going to take a nap NEXT weekend, i really need one", and so life goes on.

this great little room is really causing me to second guess taking a nap at 3:30.

stack attack

i must confess...i am a stacker (much like a hoarder). i spend a lot of my free time stacking things, whether it dishes, books, clothes, towels....and they all have a particular order of sorts.

this stack of books has had a Buddha head, old mason jar, japanese miniture name it, sitting atop the stack. i decided to change it up this morning with a little treasure found in the woods. its a nice play off the little gold-gilded frame in the background.

wood = free

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

after the storm

i guess we had a wind storm the other night...i slept right through it. the next morning on the walk with the dog, the side walks and streets were full of little branches of all kinds of tree's.

well, i can't resist a little bit of natures bouquet for free. so, i put some in a little jam glass and then threw some on a little sour cream coffee cake (mcgahey recipe) packaging for a neighbor. just the right touch.

i know, nothing new and so 1980's martha stewart. i'm stuck.