Saturday, October 17, 2009

blue weekends

i think my new rule is, blue bottle on the weekends only. haven't tried this blend yet, but will be sure to keep you posted. all i can say is i can smell the beans all the way in the bedroom, almost other end of the apt.

the best coffee i have had in SF, reminiscent of my seattle days. you know, it is the weekend...i think i'm gonna totally spurge and have a cup at 8:36pm (this may just be the beginning of my saturday in the PM)


red ticking said...

may i order 2 bags of this and 2 jars of sb jam please?xx

red ticking said...

i can smell the coffee all the way up here in seattle!

Luna said...

I love Blue Bottle coffee! Steve and I had it on our trip to SF in June - delicious! So jealous you have some, ours is all gone :(