Sunday, February 8, 2009

a photo, of a photo, of a photo in a great space

i love the combination of light, all the different colors of woods and the photo of the child looking into the sky. so simple and fresh to me.
the wood floors are dreamy, at least the look it in this light. unfinished, raw planks..they almost look white washed, but I'm sure they are not...maybe they have had years of basking in the sun, unprotected.
another photo from Mason France/Oct. 2008

sunday brunch

this is all that i need for my sunday brunch. just gazing at these sunday finds are enough to keep my appetite at bay for a while.
the scoop is this: flea market, negotiation, winning moves and 2 for $35. can you believe that? next time you see these two (there will be a posting), they will be above the Belgian beer garden picnic table in the kitchen. more to come.
they are actually much bigger than they look in the photo (16" H x 10" wide)

Saturday, February 7, 2009

hang your coat up and stay awhile

i'm not usually into jackets hanging from the wall, but these seem to have gained my full attention. these 2 khaki jackets add great texture to this photo and the harmony of neutrals caught my eye. so casual, but with the grace of the window and the scroll iron work, that hint of elegance lives in this photo. (maison, francaise - oct 2008)

sweet revolution..oh, holy cow

i am not kidding, these are the best darn caramels i have ever had. totally organic maple and honey topped with some chunky sea salt. i am a caramel fan and have tried many -a=caramel's, but this one takes the cake.
i was on the hunt today and i found my inspiration. this packaging is totally hand stamped, sealed with wax and obviously made with love and detail.
i don't know the name of the woman who owns this little company, but i do know she is local and has a tremendous eye AND pallet. she is a friend of the owner of gypsy honeymoon, 3599 24th street san fran. (a great little french inspired shop in the mission, sf) where i found today's treasure.

burd by LUCY

its not often a stuffed object joins the fun at my house, but this one is special.
one of the people i miss the most from life in NYC is my friend lucy. she is one of those lucky ones who breaks free from corporate design and joins the realm of creative whimsy and freedom. one of her first projects was burd. a vast collection of hand made birds, with a distribution of boutique only venues.
well, i received my first bird last week and i couldnt have imagined it to be as amazing as it is. one side is dark grey felt, the other is light grey. each foot is coordinated to the body shade and the chest is an amazing sweater knit in muted brown and cream with 2 vintage button eyes. Oh, and it is partailly filled with lavender.
it is takes alot of effort not to sleep with burd. you can see others burds at BURD
thanks lucy...i love my burd. i named him grey.

don't give up on us,la,la,la...

ebay continues to be a great source of inexpensive, original art. this is one of those items you bid on and think "someone is going to show up at the last minute and steal this from me", at least that is how i felt about this one. there are just some items you feel like you have to have.
well, the bidding started at $4.00 and soared up to $21.00... the end time was during work hours and i don't have a spare minute to check the status at work, even if i just never works.
so, the long and short of this epic find is I WON, and with shipping this adoption was under $30.00.
the fun tidbit is that the seller did not know where this photo was taken, so when the mail came and i opened it up, i discovered it was taken here in SF on the bay. i love these kind of happy endings.

Friday, February 6, 2009

its not spring yet

i wanted to post this before the ski slopes were bare. this was a little project i did for work for the holiday 2009 inspiration.
i call it cabin chic. the favorite piece is the black and white photo of the snow covered pine trees. my grandma took that picture a while back, like in the 50's. i think next year i will try and blow it up and frame it to reminisce snow days of the past.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

katie mcdonald

i was walking the halls at work and kept noticing these great little "found" vessels with succulents. ( today is a bit of duplication, but i couldn't't decide which picture to use, so i picked both). anyway, one day a friend of mine had one of these on her desk and i was able to identify the maker, a designer and color expert. i found out her name was katie mcdonald.
so i hunted her down to tell her how great her little objects were, find out a little bit more about her, and we became instant friends.
a few weeks later this little blue cup was on my desk. i like it so much i brought it home. if you want one of these little guys i can totally hook you up. they are all one of a kind.

surviving a drought

so, we are on the verge of a drought here in northern California and i can't think of a better way to contribute to water rationing by buying lots of succulents. i am one of the many who enjoys a good succulent once in a while.
well, these little guys require very little watering. i will admit, that on occasion, i have been a negligent and forgotten to water for weeks at a time, and they don't die. don't be affraid of them..give them a try.
i found this little pottery pitcher at the goodwill in san diego for $5.00. it has worn many hats (silverware holder, vase, cotton ball dispenser and now planter)