Saturday, December 26, 2009

winter light...after the storm

a memory of a magical weekend with a dear friend. her amazing patio after a few years of work. it is transporting in person and in the summer that place of no return.

this picture is all about the colors of nature. i love the color of the wisteria vines against all that grey.

Friday, December 25, 2009

winter 1947

taken by maxine. i am one of those family photo hoarders. this one i love and keep it year round in the built in with all my other favorite things.

even though i wasn't there, i feel a strong connection as it is seen through maxine's eyes. the holidays really cause a deep reflection for me and this photo makes me quite happy. i think one day i will blow it up and put it in the mountain get away.

here's to those of you in the midst of a winter storm...take in the quiet beauty while i watch my succulents grow in the sun. hee....

Thursday, December 24, 2009

leaning in the evening

i know. the tree is leaning. i really thought it was the photographer when i was looking through a the photo's on the computer. so, i went into the living room and took a survey for myself and realized it actually was leaning a bit to the left, but only from this angle....hmmm. i'm ok with it though, it suits me just fine.

this is christmas evening light in northern california, much to be thankful for and the mild weather is right up there in the top 10.

in a rush

i found these pine cones at lake tahoe last summer, the forest floor was carpeted with them. fortunately i am currently in a 12 step programs for pine cone collectors, and believe took everything inside of me not to rent a large u-haul to fill up with cones and bring back to the city. so many projects waiting.....

i hung these on the back stoop for 3 months to let all that sap dry up. i just took them as they hung on the stoop and moved them to the front door. my original intentions were to include a few bundles of fresh herbs, but i never made it that far. these did serve as a daily reminder that the holidays were coming.

now going to go beg to open just one little gift tonight. wish me luck.

craft fairs

are getting better and better. my friend katie from work had these amazing vessels blown by a local glass blower and she did the rest. this one is quite quaint/charming in size compared to the others.

we had a craft fair at work and by the time i got to her booth they were pretty much all sold out (you owned that katie) i have one more on back order too. if you want to see her work in person, head over to the curiosity shoppe on valencia here in the mission. she has one ginormous one there or i can connect you with katie if you are interested in a purchase.

happy christmas eve! can't blv it is christmas eve. off to work i go.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009


i think terra cotta has a hold on me. i have always been drawn toward the warmth and texture of this clay and this collection has me thinking of outdoor patio's in spain....old and rustic with lots of texture and a warm breeze.....

these little gems are produced in a small pottery studio in Wales, England, designer benjamin hubert.

this photo found on met home blog, sept. 2009

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

simple, seasonal & delish

alice waters', the art of simple food, cookbook is my cooking bible these days. she has a very basic tart recipe (flour, butter, salt and cold water) that is for both savory and sweet tart/Gillettes. it really questions the myth of crusts being difficult to make, i feel like i was reborn. anyway.....

i have been digging the pears and apples this season and can't stop making these treats. my intention's are to share with our friends and neighbors, but i tend to just want to take one little bite to make sure it is as good as the last one and you know the rest of the story. i still share, but usually a 1/2 portion.

it is as simple as rolling out the crust, spreading some apricot or any preserve over the bottom of the crust, cutting the fresh fruit, sprinking a bit of sugar and drizzling a wee bit butter over the top and crust edges, putting a healthy tablespoon of the preserve on top of the fruit and baking for 1 hour.

next time your in the "hood", i promise to whip one up.

Monday, December 21, 2009

let there be more light

i couldn't imagine a better use of space than this room, the tidiness and simple elegance is dreamy. i'm feeling all the light and think that one long, vertical window next to the stove is making all the difference. incredible use of a small space.

the sitting space right next to the kitchen is just the right the only thing missing is the fireplace (so, i guess i can image it a bit different..but who is to say there isn't one right there that i just don't get to see).

found a new great inspiration blog, the bedlam of beefy, where i found this great image. this guy from the northwest defiantly has a gift...dont you think?

Saturday, December 12, 2009

breaking up is hard to do, part duex

while driving in sonoma county during the thanksgiving holiday, we stopped a great little antique shop.

i have been working with a friend/client in NYC for a few years and still have a few outstanding pieces we need to find for her home. one of them was one more vessel to sit on her wine bar. well, the first thing i saw when i walked in to this hidden treasure location was this great little guy. it was a grab and go scene!!

so, i brought him home and he sat quite well with my collection of odds and ends, and at that moment i decided i was going to keep looking for my friend and keep this for myself. totally this little guy and i were meant to be together forever.

well, my friend came to town last week and i caved and passed on this little treasure and there is no looking back and the feeling of ambivalence has passed. i know she will enjoy this more than i, but there was still a twinge of sadness. kidding.

don't you think the new and old in the photo compliment each other quite well? the only thing missing was the brandy inside of the glass canteen.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

ode to the ticking

my friend and inspiration pam robinson, just celebrated another milestone anniversary at red mid november.

here are some photo's from the celebration party, taken by our friend john grannen. these are photo's of her retail store and boy am i jonesing (definition from urban dictionary is "to have a strong need, desire, or craving for something") for that white garland hanging over her zinc containers at the cash wrap and that little string of white lights on the white cord.

Please be sure to go to her blogspot and check out other great photo's from her evening to remember.

congrats pam! beyond words of admiration and joy for you!!

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Punk, folk or street?

i'm not sure how to describe it other than brilliant for a few bucks. i bought these are our work craft fair last week.

an artist name, dustin kerr had a whole table full of these pure, little watercolors for $2.00. he was being very generous is offering great art at an incredible price.

i really do love to layer in urban-primitive feeling artwork like this into the mix of decor. it really isn't competing with anything else beautiful as it really holds its own place. i'm still not sure how i will frame them, but thinking of a total contrast and using the same old vintage, gold gilded frame i am going to frame the horse in. i'll keep you posted.

if you want to connect with the artist, let me know and i will connect you. i am having problems replying to comments, so please be patient as i attempt to learn something new on the computer...i am the most inept with technology and really am quite shocked i can even upload a photo to this blog...

the race is still on

the horse race that is.

i am always surfing ebay artwork in search of horse paintings. i only have a few, but am hoping to have a collection one day. the thing is, i really don't want to invest lots of moo-la, but would rather make it a hobby, more of a search for the deals.

well, lets just say this brown beauty was found for under $20 on ebay AND is still in amazing condition. no one else even bid on it and i was wondering if there was something i was missing, but is perfectly imperfect and worn. i have some old gold guilded, beat up frames that will need to be custom cut and he will be good to go. a real winner!!

Friday, December 4, 2009

waking up from the turkey and cheese coma

a few images from turkey day 2009. it was another great year, another chance to open our home and table to all our transplant friends, although we all call SF home, most of our families are outside of san francisco...mostly out of state.

anyway..thankful, thankful and another big helping of thankful.

bag it

my friend Kat just hooked me up with this new brand, named forest bound. check it out. they have that practical Unitarian charm, a touch of vintage and homemade feel.

i particularly like this bag. sorry, this isn't one of those "value" purchases....more of a splurge.

baquette, cheese and some great pinot anyone??