Monday, December 21, 2009

let there be more light

i couldn't imagine a better use of space than this room, the tidiness and simple elegance is dreamy. i'm feeling all the light and think that one long, vertical window next to the stove is making all the difference. incredible use of a small space.

the sitting space right next to the kitchen is just the right the only thing missing is the fireplace (so, i guess i can image it a bit different..but who is to say there isn't one right there that i just don't get to see).

found a new great inspiration blog, the bedlam of beefy, where i found this great image. this guy from the northwest defiantly has a gift...dont you think?

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coast said...

Haven't I seen this fabulous kitchen somewhere?...I love this kitchen!!! So simple and elegant...Isn't this Jenna Lyon's house?