Saturday, December 5, 2009

the race is still on

the horse race that is.

i am always surfing ebay artwork in search of horse paintings. i only have a few, but am hoping to have a collection one day. the thing is, i really don't want to invest lots of moo-la, but would rather make it a hobby, more of a search for the deals.

well, lets just say this brown beauty was found for under $20 on ebay AND is still in amazing condition. no one else even bid on it and i was wondering if there was something i was missing, but is perfectly imperfect and worn. i have some old gold guilded, beat up frames that will need to be custom cut and he will be good to go. a real winner!!


Laura said...

The horse is just beautiful - such personality! I like that you showed us just a hint of your Christmas tree - may we see more?

red ticking said...

santa will you put this under my tree for christmas?