Saturday, September 26, 2009

problem solving with some figs

someone brought a great surprise home last night...figs wrapped in brown mail paper, tied with a white grosgrain ribbon. i should have photographed them wrapped up...darn.

anyway, once i unwrapped them i realized they were over 4 feet long. and the branches are as thick as a 100 year old redwood....and we still are not equipped with our city dwellers chainsaw. so..the challenge was to find something that could support them. i tried several vessels, but none quite right.

then i remembered this old container i recently bought at the french sale. the poor guy has been sitting in the corner for over a month now.

the container was an investment, but the great branches that should last several weeks were only $18.00. bargain...go get some.

i think these bright green, unripened figs compliment this old zinc container. and for some reason, they are making the dining room look huge...... i guess big looks big.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

still thinking of tahoe air, with a tinge of monday night blues

the last day we took a walk up the one lane, two way road above the cabin we were staying in. this charming little cabin was on a total natural plot of land and oozing a big welcome door mat. this was a small little home, nestled among these gargantuan lodge homes.

it makes one ask the question of a local "what is real estate like right now in tahoe"? if it weren't 3 plus hours away i would seriously consider a weekend cabin. this is the time to buy in tahoe.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

the final bravo

these are the final 2 photo's from her home.

i can almost feel the light breeze coming through the window above the bed. usually i wouldn't think to put a bed under a window, but this one really works. you have the great shutters inside that would really block the light....

the bathroom. need i say more, other than i hope that scale is off...lets say 10lbs-ish.

Friday, September 11, 2009

bravo too

there is a lot going on here, but the bones of the room are what makes the massive amount of furniture work. the floors, ceiling, lighting, white walls all create this ease that is eas-ee on the eye.

Thursday, September 10, 2009


i found another new designer to admire and in the same 2009 elle decor, australia...but, i cant remember her name. i took these photo's from a magazine at the cabin we rented in tahoe last weekend. i have to see if i can still get the august addition.

anyway, i love this designers point of view. majority of decor is vintage finds. just amazing how she makes it modern in the vintage way i appreciate.

i cant read the caption, but i think it says most was a find. yeah! i'm hoping some of them were those incredible finds. such a feeling of accomplishment.

this home is so great i have to only bring one image a day for weeks and weeks. kidding, only 4 days worth, but i think they are well worth the wait.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

am i insane to say this?

i don't always "not love" taxidermy, but it is true that some stuffed little animals take on this quasi-adorable trait. don't get me wrong though, i'm not a fan of killing for trophy. BUT then the side of me who loves animals thinks it is "sort of" honoring the beauty of that creature god made by hanging him/her on the wall.

this, i couldn't pass up photographing. we were in tahoe for a nice, long labor day vacation and the great little cabin we rented had these two lovebirds hanging right above the fireplace. when i saw them i immediately know this rental was one of those lucky finds.

i still struggle

with the idea of curtains, but when i see a room like this, with floor to ceiling drapes..that are totally draping away, i quickly become a believer.
i can't help but totally fall for these curtains. they are practically the same color as everything else in the room and play an incredible role of framing the grand windows, which in a sense are the best kind of artwork one could hope for.
i found these photo's in august 2009 elle decor, australia. the designer's name is vincent van duysen and i am officially going to follow him.
so, every other detail in his home is perfection and these curtains just touch on all the admiration i have for this home.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

happy birthday katie mcdonald

happy birthday katie. here is to your insatiable succulent appetite. taken last weekend while in santa cruz and while you were working out that hot, fitted jumpsuit. hope its a year you will relish abundantly. XOXO

in the mood

for some serene and perfect peace. this little patio sums up where i would like to escape for just an hour our two.

the chairs are a beautiful mix of texture, with the wood slats and metal frame and the shape seems to whisper "rest and stay for a while".

the floating petals are the final touch...

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

after & before

the sale. found these great french bins last weekend and was able to walk away with 2. wish i would have bought them all as i now envision many purposes. i think i am going to see if i can hunt down any remaining bins, although i think the all had sold tags at the end of the day. wish me luck

one that i did bring home found a great home in the kitchen to store vegetables in, but i imagine i will find another spot in this small apt. before long, but for now it fits right in.