Tuesday, May 31, 2011

removing clutter

well, many...many...many months ago (actually after we removed the high gloss, burnt orange lacquered plywood from the ceiling) we decided to leave the original exposed beams and boards and not replace the ceiling. hoping to gain a few more inches as well as give the place more of a primitive vibe.

phase two took place this weekend..removing all the excess cross beams, which were used not as a support system, but rather to nail up the previous plywood ceiling. boy oh boy, the difference this makes is beyond the photo's (taken by ldrc). wish you could have been there.

i feel like i can breath again..the clutter these extra beams created was crazy and i do not know why we waited so long to remove them.

next phase...paint...:)

Thursday, May 26, 2011

simplify, simplify, simplify

so much has been going on lately: in the world, in our country, in the office, in my circle of friends....causing me moments of reflection and at times silence. lets just say the word gratitude is thrown around WAY more than it has in a long time. i know many of you feel the same way.

i think this image is perfect for the day. the reason being, there is not much going on except there seems to be good foundation. not a ton of clutter (like my home), not much color, a gentle and filtered light.....where are the pearly gates. :)

this image has been sitting on my desktop for too long..i cannot find the source, but i still wanted to share.

Friday, May 20, 2011


...work from home. what a week it has been, mama mia is all i will say...do not want to disclose too much emotion.

although we do most of our eating in the kitchen (just off the dining room...you can see the fantastic kitchen cabinets in the background...rent style) i end up spending most mornings in this room due to the great light and warmth of the sun and a heater. talk about being totally blessed with a great home in the city...we have window's everywhere and we are perched on the top floor...so the views and the light remind me how lucky we are.

anyway, i am also lucky as my job allows me some flexibility in where i work from. i would love to utilize this benefit more often than i do, but when i do flex on location..i tend to be spending my days sitting right here. mostly staring at the dirty windows and reminded of all the cleaning projects awaiting my attention AND of course working feverishly on work work.

happy friday friends. i will be sitting right here.....stop by for an espresso/tea if you have time.

PS. the ikea chairs are still working out, they really fit in with all the mixing and matching going on here...

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

all things bright and beautiful

i am still on my swedish country kick...i can not get off of this train. i think it is because it is so simple, minimal, fresh....understated and about practical.

get me a ticket to this cabin...i will ride the train for days to get here :)

images found here

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

lay your weary head

man, i have been so stinking busy and work seems to have zapped the you know what out of my energy level.

i also haven't been too enthused with any images of late either...or just not finding them OR some of my favorite bloggers have beat me to the punch on my new favorites. so, another brock street shot of the finished front room. now we just have a few little details...like dresser, chair and something to hang your fancy dresses and suits on..or your overall's :).

i really like the light on this one. i took it with my cell phone, so not super clear...but clear enough.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

tick, tick, ticking

i am one of those folks who has lots of design "loose ends". for example, lamp shades...a very hard task to fulfill as resources are limited and size really makes a difference. i cannot tell you how many shades i have purchased and brought home, with a quick trip back for a return. after a good 5+ years, i am 75% set for life on shades and the balance 25% keep me honest and living in the real world. good ones are an investment.

well, my good friend pam at red ticking always, can i say always has the best shades in stock this side of the mississippi. on my last visit to seattle i had a ticking moment when i saw this shade and as soon as i returned to sf the tick, tick on the clock was loud and clear and i knew if i didn't take the plunge, this shade would vanish into somebody else's hands.

the ship, or should i say shade, came in yesterday and i couldn't get out of the office fast enough to ensure it was in fact, the write fit for the lamp and the room.

could the little cross stitch initials be any more primitive and simple?

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

cool warm

now this is really how i would like to roll. there is so much i like about this room, even though i can only see a small portion of it.

let me name a few: bright and light, the warmth of what appears to be a large and well used farm table, quick access to all your cooking needs, the stove isn't so bad and mostly the inspiration and imagination the image brings.

oh and the pastry and espresso seal the deal.


Sunday, May 1, 2011

78 degree's

....and i am hunkered down with brush in hand..INSIDE :(

finally, we were able to start some finishing work in the hallway/original porch. i think i was born with a paint brush in my hand... as i have always enjoyed painting and find it to be one of the most calming tasks. FYI: this is just the primer....the paint to follow next weekend.

i have to be honest with you all, we did have a little picnic in the back yard and i did take in a good 30 minutes of rays. it was just right.

hope this finds you all after an enjoyable and productive (whether rest or project) weekend.