Sunday, May 1, 2011

78 degree's

....and i am hunkered down with brush in hand..INSIDE :(

finally, we were able to start some finishing work in the hallway/original porch. i think i was born with a paint brush in my hand... as i have always enjoyed painting and find it to be one of the most calming tasks. FYI: this is just the primer....the paint to follow next weekend.

i have to be honest with you all, we did have a little picnic in the back yard and i did take in a good 30 minutes of rays. it was just right.

hope this finds you all after an enjoyable and productive (whether rest or project) weekend.


red ticking said...

looks fantastic...i just love it...xoxo

brock street said...

come on over...there is a paint brush with your name all over it

24 Corners said...

It looks sooo good! There will be many 78 degree days to enjoy at Hillside...and soon that 30 minutes will turn into an all-dayer! Way to go!!!
xo J~

btw- how's b-mo with a paintbrush?