Wednesday, February 15, 2012

space trade

so, i am contemplating a big interior shift in the city apt. we currently live in a 900 square foot edwardian/victorian combo apartment in the mission district of sf. it is technically a one bedroom, but by sf standards it is considered a 2 bedroom as they call the front living room a bedroom. maybe because it has a non working fireplace and they can get a bit more money out of the space. (good thing our landlord was calling it a 1 bed in 2006 as we got in at the one bedroom going rate...which by any other standard could afford you and estate in sun valley, idaho).

anyway, i am thinking about turning our living room into a den/office. we would still keep a sofa in the room for those frequent guests, but would also trade out some of the current furniture for a big farm table that could be used as the desk/working space. god only knows i own my share of farm tables and could open a nice diner with enough seating for 40.

this would get all the computers out of the bedroom for good. i have a habit of lounging on the bed with my laptop rested right on my lap (bmo at my side) and we can literally sit for a few hours just browsing stuff. good once in a blue moon, but several times a week can create guilt.

i am one of those people who believes the bedroom is really a place of respite and discovery. all distractions out of sight and a place to lay my head down and day dream away...with no phone or computer in sight. BUT, i have lost my way and succumb to technology attack. ha, ha...

so, after finding these photo's i am officially considering the change.

all photo's found here

Wednesday, February 8, 2012


what a feels like a place i want to explore and smell the history of the wood burning fires and listen to the stories of holidays and gatherings.

the light is so mysterious and moody...and the charm is just right. image found here.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

dear john

i must admit, john derian does it every time for me. i could move right in and feel right at home in his ptown cottage.

he has captured my attention for years...i cannot even remember how or when i heard about john, but it was well before he opened his shop in nyc. i imagine it was some publication with his work, but whatever or whenever that made a lasting impression.

i actually used to stock him when i was living in nyc and would head down to his lower east side shop in hopes he would be working. on the few occasions he was actually working, i was too star struck to strike up a conversation. shoulda woulda coulda.

anyway, his style is so scavenger find with the strong hand holding onto minimal elements. perfect constraint.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

fine dining

i would sure love to belly up to this table, eat a comfort food meal, and then walk a few steps and sit in that lovely chair in the corner.

love this image, the mix of woods and textures always turns me on.