Sunday, February 5, 2012

dear john

i must admit, john derian does it every time for me. i could move right in and feel right at home in his ptown cottage.

he has captured my attention for years...i cannot even remember how or when i heard about john, but it was well before he opened his shop in nyc. i imagine it was some publication with his work, but whatever or whenever that made a lasting impression.

i actually used to stock him when i was living in nyc and would head down to his lower east side shop in hopes he would be working. on the few occasions he was actually working, i was too star struck to strike up a conversation. shoulda woulda coulda.

anyway, his style is so scavenger find with the strong hand holding onto minimal elements. perfect constraint.


red ticking said...

he is amazing... we will go talk to him one day... he is just like you and me...xx

brock street said...

when, when, when???

24 Corners said...

He's always been my number one artsy bff (in my head), just the best...and has been stalked by me too...well, online anyway. At least you've *been* to his it's time to go for the house...he's a great cook and I'm sure always in need of a few new dinner guests! ;)
xo J~

coast said...

i love him as well! i have a friend in ptown who lives down the street from him who always raves about his house and gardens...would love to meet him one day.