Wednesday, November 30, 2011

lost in the shadows

i hope this finds you all enjoying a bit of a holiday glow....that is if you were able to take some time away from your regular routine and enjoy the great company of friends and family and hopefully something out of the ordinary on the table.

we were lucky enough to have some great friends in town from nyc and had a full cabin all weekend. feel blessed indeed.

well, the images are some shots i have taken over the last year and for some reason they did not make the brock street cut. who knows why? i can actually tell you why..i have great intentions to blog more and then i start looking at photo's and spend hours recounting the memories and the moments the photo's were taken (talking about photo's of friends and family that are woven into my brock street, these guys got lost in the shadows.

all circles too. all images brock street...all items great and meaningful finds.

Friday, November 18, 2011

pushing it

i know, i know...i hate to push the holiday's as it tends to feel forced at times and since i am in the product development can feel year round at times as i am approving products in june :). not complaining.

these projects are soooo approachable, that even i feel like i can carve out a little time to fill in that "crafting" void in my life. can you imagine a great bay leaf garland, dripping with glossy white pine cones? i can :)

have a great weekend.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

running and hiding

made a quick stop by a secret location to check on the inventory...of course i was a day too late as everything i gravitated toward had a big ole red dot on it....sold to a local french patisserie. shoot.

nonetheless, it seemed a bit like christmas with the "loaded" shelves. i was able to run out before i got sucked into the internal conversation of "do i really need this, or do i just want it:)", i guess they were all wants as i came out empty handed.

happy wednesday.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

the welcome committee

bmo is definitely our welcome committee in the country, not the warmest, but he is first to the door upon everyone's arrival.

one of the best gifts at hillside is the foliage...its everywhere. the bay leaves, the ferns, the lichen covered branches...and i make sure to utilize them as often as possible.

the little zinc tin also serves on the welcoming committee...:)

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

japanese editing

some of you may know of my affinity for Japanese sensibility. whenever i travel to asia, i ensure/secure some time at muji..mandatory visit(to be honest the product imported into US is not the same product you get in asia..its just how it is). i will sacrifice sleep, dim sum, foot massage...and everything to stock up on some basics.

well, Hitoshi Uchita, owner of j'antiques in tokyo really blends the flea market find with his minimal approach. everything in his home seems so loved and full of life..and a quite used, yet everything is so organized and clean. just how i like it.

anyway, with the condition of these finds there are never worries of something getting a scratch or stain...and if they do, they are just part of the story.

i hope you enjoy these images as much as i do. found on the selby