Wednesday, November 16, 2011

running and hiding

made a quick stop by a secret location to check on the inventory...of course i was a day too late as everything i gravitated toward had a big ole red dot on it....sold to a local french patisserie. shoot.

nonetheless, it seemed a bit like christmas with the "loaded" shelves. i was able to run out before i got sucked into the internal conversation of "do i really need this, or do i just want it:)", i guess they were all wants as i came out empty handed.

happy wednesday.


coast said...

This place looks wonderful. Mind sharing? I often find myself in the endless "want"/"need" jig. There are so many beautiful things out there! I just try and remind myself of my desire to live simply. Much harder said than done. Who am I kidding. :)

24 Corners said...

That's some strong and very smart will you have there B...good for you!! :)
xo J~

ARTPOP said...

It's human nature to want what you do not have. Enough is never enough for most. It's obvious what we truly need opposed to what is only wanted, but the human ego likes to merge these two together only to confuse the soul. 

Then again, you only live once. Buy another basket or candle. xo