Friday, November 18, 2011

pushing it

i know, i know...i hate to push the holiday's as it tends to feel forced at times and since i am in the product development can feel year round at times as i am approving products in june :). not complaining.

these projects are soooo approachable, that even i feel like i can carve out a little time to fill in that "crafting" void in my life. can you imagine a great bay leaf garland, dripping with glossy white pine cones? i can :)

have a great weekend.


coast said...

Love both ideas!!! The first picture is very Swedish in feel...simple,warm and elegant. Being of Norwegian heritage, I have a soft spot for a Swedish style Christmas. Love the pinecones too!

24 Corners said...

Yes I can...and I'd love to see it hanging at Hillside, or the SF pad. I might have to add a touch of sparkle to those cones though...just a touch mind you, just a touch. ;)
xo J~

(I've tried for years to get into the Christmas spirit in July for my card business...still working on it, I admire your abilities to do so.)

ARTPOP said...

White is the new black.

Not really, but it's nice and cleansing.

red ticking said...

i will tell patti to wear her painter pants... xoxo

brock street said...

coast- totally swedish...i totally dig it and crave that hand crafted feel.

24 - you are always good for a smile and chuckle. now, i gotta get crackin.

in the noir - that is what i am saying.

red- can you believe turkey day is over and i did not get a paint brush in anyones hands. all those extra hands at hillside and no work completed.

mb said...

I am inspired.
mb from big D.