Thursday, May 24, 2012

summer stripes

these images really evoke relaxation and encourage my eyelids to gently close (maybe i am just exhausted from the daily grind and spin cycle).  i hope this finds you all well into your long weekend plans and some time to reflect and enjoy yourself.

images found here

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

everyone has an opinion...

....and everyone has shared theirs on this particular wall.  i know someone very well that loved the old way (with the filled in window, not matching to original stain) and felt it added quite a charm, indeed it did, but i had other plans.  lets just say it was probably a fair balance between who said to leave it and who said..stain it to match.  i just had to make an executive decision :) and proceed with the staining.

i included some photos for a historical reference.  the condition of this wall when we moved in was a wallpapered (a textured grass wallpaper) sheet rock wall.  well, one of the first things i did after we ripped out the dropped ceiling was see what was behind all of the sheet rock.  well, we were thrilled when we found the original redwood plank wall that was from the late 1800's and the more we tore down the  sheet rock the more we were mesmerized by this incredible wall... and then we found the hole in the wall that was originally a window. 

well, i finally got tired of the unfinished wall, as well as the ceiling (which we also loved so much..had a great rustic feel).  the ceiling had equally beautiful aspects as the wall, but it has 3 different types of wood, with 3 different stains and three different widths.. and there just wasn't a workable way to address this without more demo and i wanted to paint it as we desperately needed some light paint to reflect the natural light (gets dark in the winter).

so here are the results, that only took 2 weekends to complete.   its the little things that bring joy and this one small task feels like we made a huge impact on the project....that feeling will surely last a month, and then reality sets in. 

Sunday, May 20, 2012

nothing new

the city dining room with a great instamatic filter.  i tell ya, this instamatic feature has really tricked me into thinking i can take a decent photo.

anywho, nothing in this photo was purchased new...every thing is old and been around the block a few times.

hope this sunday evening finds you in a restful and peaceful moment.  just got back from the very rustic open with the faint hum of the city background noise, feels like home.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012


i don't know about all of  you, but i have a closet full of art that needs to be framed.  we all know how much good framing cost, so i usually put everything away and forget about it...until i try to find something in that closet and everything comes flying out...and the rest of the story is probably pretty clear.

well, i found this great little vintage frame for $4.00 at goodwill and i had this perfect little piece of art i bought at a craft show from justin kerr (the best value of any art i have purchased) and it fit perfectly in this frame.  the bzzzz bug is beyond charming so, i did some operating and nipped and tucked and voila...magic.

isn't that original photo priceless too...almost backed out and kept it as is.