Saturday, December 22, 2012

from our home to yours

another season has crept up on us like never before.  i swear i was just celebrating the 4th of july....trying to figure out how to cool off and NOW it is chilly out, the heater is now turned on, the tree is up and i am wishing i could magically snap my fingers and all my loved ones would be in the same location.

this year we are staying grandma would say, " just us'ns".  no travel this season as we are all worn out and need some time to recoup some energy (i see many naps in my near future). 

i wanted to share a few shots of holiday at the city apt.  the wreath from red ticking seattle..purchased this year, the paper mache pinecones also from red ticking (vintage 2008) and the iron dear from great, great grandparents.

i wish for each of you that this season will be filled with hope and thankfulness.  i know that is how i am feeling this year.

peace to all of you.