Sunday, January 30, 2011

some of our favorite, new neighbors

had another great weekend at hillside. patching walls and working in the yard...and exploring the hood.

about 1/4 mile away, these breathtakingly beautiful guys and gals roam the hills and meadows of the sonoma mountains. i wonder how friendly they really are and if they plan on bringing us some milk as a housewarming (too much imagination has kicked in).

photo's taken via phone, but my better half, while i drove. (we did have to stop to get the picture)

Thursday, January 27, 2011

not so modern montauk

it is funny when old becomes new and the cycle starts over. this space, in my opinion, is feeling a bit modern..or maybe i should just say "current" as modern is such a lose word with many interpretations.

the "current" look is the perfect balance of textures, colors, and that eclectic mixture that makes if feel effortless and like each room has become a real living space that one calls home. no staging at all.

to me this home is quintessential montauk, it is the only hampton village that has that bohemian vibe, and that is even fading with time. you don't have to look hard to find it though.

i can almost feel the light humidity and the ocean breeze and am hopeful to experience the very missed beaches of montauk this coming summer.

roman and williams
don't disappoint, they hit the nail on the head with all their projects, no matter how big or small.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

i can't not this photo, its for rachel. i love this image and even though it is not my usual, it is perfectly right for brock street and it is a shout out too. ;o)

refined, playful, classic, modern, dress up with heels, dress down with sneakers, feminine, strong and on and on.

this reminds me of you rachel, and all the adjectives are just a whisper of what defines you.


Tuesday, January 25, 2011

clearing my mind...sleep style

i have read and read and read and..... believed and believed and believed that our sleeping space is suppose to be clear of clutter, tv's and any sort of distraction that will keep us from a pure rest.

that all being said while i am sitting in bed with my lap top on my lap (4 different tabs open), the other desktop computer is playing a netflix show, b-mo by my side snoring up a get the picture. i am a rule breaker.

i'm wondering if painting the room dark tricks us into night time. i mean if i were living in alaska and needed some dark, this is how i would questions asked.

i love the risk of this and love the contrast with the white. totally works in my book.

happy dreaming.

top image aubrey road
bottom apartment therapy

Friday, January 21, 2011

progress report

wow, wow, wow! i can't believe another week has flown by and i have not made the time to post. i was just going through photo's and realized i probably have enough to post for a month, so i will waist no time and get started.

photo 1 = front room, only guest room, and if you remember this was a part of the original wrap around porch, which we think was added to the original cabin in the 20's and then enclosed into indoor living space in the 40's. anyway, finally a place to perch during the working weekends. this room is the closest to being complete and i have to say i have to say the silent nights are not bothering me so much i am sleeping in a real bed with real sheets..the sleeping bags are back in storage. whoopie!!

photo 2 = entry hallway, only hallway, originally this was also part of the wrap around porch and you cannot tell from my bad photography...but it is a huge space. i love wood in its natural form and color and if this ceiling had not been stained with the dark brown indoor outdoor stain, we may have kept the original wood exposed, but it was just too dark and thus the paintbrush workout continues (same in front perch room). also, the french doors are finally installed. (these were getting ready to be thrown away by our friends and we rescued them and not they have a home where they are already well loved)

photo 3 = hallway progress. talk about bringing in the light...holy cow it makes a huge difference.

heading back to hillside project in the pm. this weekend will be the hallway finishing touches. all the bead board, and finishing work will be installed and we can start the real painting and lay out the welcome mat for the hallway :). fingers crossed.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

61 vs. 71

its a toss up today. we have had a gloomy winter this year, to me..the gloomiest since i moved to sf in 2005. what happens is the sun comes out during the weekdays, then the weekends come along and the gray sky's take over. boo...

well, today the city is going to be 61 and the sun is out and i love being in the city on such beautiful sunny days. so much more productive on sunny days.

BUT, it is going to be 70 something in sonoma valley and boy will it be nice to open all the windows, get some painting done and let b-mo roam the wilderness with the sun shining down on him. i think we better pack up the laundry and get moving now.

have a great, and hopefully long weekend.

image found on aubrey road, and wishing for lounge chairs today

Friday, January 14, 2011

to stripe or not

lets get a little personal here..i love the stripes...vertical, horizontal, placed, pin, engineered, name it, i like it. i dare you to bring me a stripe i don't like (not including knit polo stripes...those just don't do it for me..unless 2 color..then maybe). well, who really cares anyway :)

this swedish home definitely incorporates the perfect splash of stripes in all the right places. i do feel this room whispering my name.

the owner of this swedish summer home is the marketing director at svenskt tenn.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

if only...

if only......i could have a chat with a few of the people in the sketches framed on that wall.

if only....we could do this while sitting in those perfect little leather chairs.

photo found here

Friday, January 7, 2011

before & after porch room

heading up to hillside early in the am. thought i would give you a little update on the front room. this is part of the original wrap around porch, that was converted to a bedroom (prob back in the 40's) long ago. lets just say it used to be a very cozy room with that closet and now it is just cozy with no closet.

the final touches are all that is left, including painting the floors...but we are sooooo close.

this great little galvanized pennant was found at barn light electric and my better half installed this in a matter of minutes....woot, woot!

have a great weekend.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

style kouncil

let me just say it doesn't get much better than this. remember a few month's ago when i posted my well worn, new to me vintage wrangler jacket and vintage wingtips from my friend kat's new business style kouncil?

well, they launched the site well over a month ago and i am just now getting to posting this visual dream. they are getting great buzz from everything from the site to the business cards...check out the photo's and go to their site stylekouncil.

before you know it i will be posting another feature on style kouncil as the are being featured in a "well circulated magazine" very soon. whoopie.

congrat's kat and inspire me. can you believe how adorable they are??