Friday, January 7, 2011

before & after porch room

heading up to hillside early in the am. thought i would give you a little update on the front room. this is part of the original wrap around porch, that was converted to a bedroom (prob back in the 40's) long ago. lets just say it used to be a very cozy room with that closet and now it is just cozy with no closet.

the final touches are all that is left, including painting the floors...but we are sooooo close.

this great little galvanized pennant was found at barn light electric and my better half installed this in a matter of minutes....woot, woot!

have a great weekend.


24 Corners said...

Looks so you miss the green shag...even just a little??
You-are-"this"-close (fingers almost pinched together)!

Love Barnlight Elec....we purchased an outdoor light from them that still needs to be installed (looks like yours but in sconce form)...I actually tripped over a drain pipe tonight because of the lack of said fixture...maybe your b.h. can come over and hook ours up (pretty please). ;)

Have a great weekend!!
xo J~

Hey - House Hunters was in the Mission this week...kept looking for you! :)

copelvick said...

Ultra Great!!

brock street said...

24...yes, i long for the green carpt. ha,ha! it is getting close (at least this room is)

i love barnlight too...i look at the site all the time trying to figure out next purchase for hillside.

i'm thinking if we were back in seattle we would sneak over to 24 corners and figure out how to install..don't want any "fallen and i can't get up moments"

i saw pam last weekend for a short lunch here in sf and she told me about your meeting..wish i could have been there :). next time i am in seattle we have to plan a treat date.

house hunters in the mission....we dont have cable, so i have to figure out how to find that on the web.

cheers to perseverance in 2011

Unknown said...

OMG!.....the front room looks incredible...and the wood flooring in the rest of the house is fab!
Can't wait to see it in person.....

Unknown said...

the place is really looking great!! :)

red ticking said...

movin and groovin.. xoxo

ARTPOP said...
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ARTPOP said...

Looks good. It's nice to create something that you want in life. If you can imagine it, it can become a reality. The point will come after the fun and some frustration of getting everything to match your vision to where you look back and say: we did this, and we did it together. That is beautiful. Your cabin will bring so much enjoyment for years to come, and don't forget to rent it out too. ;-)

Awesome job boys.

Laura said...

OMG! Totally impressive - are you certain this is the same space? WOW! For some reason, it just makes me want to DANCE!