Saturday, January 15, 2011

61 vs. 71

its a toss up today. we have had a gloomy winter this year, to me..the gloomiest since i moved to sf in 2005. what happens is the sun comes out during the weekdays, then the weekends come along and the gray sky's take over. boo...

well, today the city is going to be 61 and the sun is out and i love being in the city on such beautiful sunny days. so much more productive on sunny days.

BUT, it is going to be 70 something in sonoma valley and boy will it be nice to open all the windows, get some painting done and let b-mo roam the wilderness with the sun shining down on him. i think we better pack up the laundry and get moving now.

have a great, and hopefully long weekend.

image found on aubrey road, and wishing for lounge chairs today


red ticking said...

i will pretend we are sitting here today... talking the day away... dreaming our dreams... have a wonderful day of painting... wishing i were there. xx

24 Corners said...

What's up with the cloudy weekend happens all the time here too.
Isn't it wonderful that you now have Hillside to escape too... painting and all!

Have a fabulously nice and 'warmish' weekend!
xo J~

Jane Kilpatrick Schott said...

Fabulous image...enjoy the day!

ARTPOP said...

Looks so inviting. The secret is to learn how to be content and comfortable in any situation and under any type of sky.

It's a journey for all of us.

Ivy Lane said...

Hope your weekend was grand!!!

Rachel Elizabeth said...

Don't let BMo out without his sunglasses. Would hate for him to strain those baby blues.


Laura said...

Wherever those lounge chairs are....I claim one!

whoo hoo!