Thursday, March 22, 2012

keep it simple

heading out to hillside for a 3 day weekend with lots of "to do's" in store. i get way ahead of myself and have a project list that is beginning to way me down. i just have to remember to take it one at a time and find joy in each little accomplishment, besides....its about the journey..right?

this great home that is also in NorCal really brought me back to reality. keep it simple, nothing fancy, nothing complicated...just enjoy the space and the simplicity. it really feels like a home to me...

have a wonderful weekend..i hope to have some progress reports to share with you next week.

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Monday, March 19, 2012


spring has been here for the last 2 months...and we missed winter all together...until last week that is. winter sprung up in the beginning of spring.

well, the rains came and do did the blissful music of the creek that runs through the backyard. when we got there Friday night it was raining and it sounded like a freight train was driving through our back yard...i was so excited i immediately went out back and the stream had become a raging river...brown water and all.

well, by 8am and blue skies it had calmed a bit, but all the windows remained cracked so we could hear the falls...all i wanted to do was lay down and take a nap...a dream state.

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Sunday, March 18, 2012

over crowding

i am as slow as molasses when it comes to furnishing rooms. i have learned to be patient and wait for that "just right" item..and of course it has to be at the "just right" price....... and these days it is not as easy as the days of past, or maybe my expectations have changed :).

finally found a dresser small enough for the "cozy" guest room and boy oh boy is it just every way.

this little room is finally finished...well, maybe not totally finished, but at least there is a new place to store "stuff". the funny thing is, i am so used to no clutter that it is starting to feel crowded.

happy sunday.

Friday, March 2, 2012


i have been abducted via the "world wide web"...hee, hee (thanks for that one dad). i am officially in a program, self prescribed, to curb my new addiction to pinterest. can anyone identify with me?

well, i have givin myself 15 minutes per day to browse and gather images and i am having way too much fun. it is funny though, work has been a real beast of late, and at times i just collapse when i get home and the only thing i can rally to do is go to pinterest :). we are a no tv family (bmo must focus on his responsibilities) so browsing can be just as addictive as plunking down in front of the old boob tube.

well, here are a few of my collected images from pinning. piles that is, just like the ones i will focus on this weekend while we take a retreat to the city....hee.

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