Tuesday, March 30, 2010

seafarer at heart

although i love the ocean and everything it represents in nature and creation, i have to say i'm not sure i could pull off the "free willy" style ride on a whale. BUT i do love a good whale sighting.

this is the perfect gift when invited out to someones beach house for the weekend ( i better put in my order now), or great in any room. it is so textured and the block print is so primitive that i think you could pull this off in any room.

this moby dick inspired pillow is 100% jute, 95/5 down filled and navy cording. thomas paul

Monday, March 29, 2010

do these make my head look small??

ok...so, i have only left the house a few times this weekend...even though it is in the 70's. well, i did sit on the rooftop both days too, does that count as getting out of the house??

i found these glasses at a local antique mall. this place is huge and the only thing i found were these great spanish frames. the problem is b-mo and i have been fighting over them all weekend. teeth HAVE been shown and those who know b-mo know who will win this battle.

anyway, i'm really sorry for posting 3 pictures, but i promise i edited like crazy to get down to these 3. i know he seems annoyed in the photo's, but that is really because he is having a bad hair day.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

yippee....the show is over

at last. this bug house design piece of modern art has been in the gallery next door for 2 months waiting to come on over to our pad. it was purchased on valentines day and we have been waiting ever since, and finally she released it on friday.

this is a photo heat trasfer of a fender amp on a plank of knotty pine. what do you think?? i'm loving it.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

1.5 years review

a few photo's from the last 1.5 years of our flat in SF. boy have some things changed....

Friday, March 26, 2010

we have pressure too

i mean come on, who says guys don't have pressure too...we are all suppose to look like steve mcqueen. i'm not kidding, even when i was a small child, i remember women talking about how amazing he was and he still has that affect on women today. i'm really screwed.

anyway, this is one of 20 new photo's that were just released this week for the first time of steve. i'm posting this because it is an amazing photo AND those moc's are amazing. i am looking for a pair just like them...in a really big way. the hunt is on.

Thursday, March 25, 2010


this is for you ivy lane, here is a shot of our little kitchen table. it was a fantastic find and this shot doesn't really show the true length. it is just over 7 feet, but narrow.

found this from a local french importer. this table was used in a beer garden in brussels. it has 2 benches that are amazing too. pine plank top and metal kelly green legs. it is a really great place to hang out, and with the narrow width, creates a real intimate dinner with friends...right in the kitchen.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

kitchen, table, kitchen

i'm one of those fortunate people who can have a 7 foot long table right in the center of my kitchen AND have a great formal dining room to boot, but my kitchen is much cozier that above photo. I do have to say that as much as i love having a formal dining room for dinner parties and projects that flow, i would give it up if i had to choose between the dining room or a kitchen that has living space.

the kitchen in this photo looks ideal as it appears to lead right out to an outdoor space. i could just shoo everyone out of the kitchen and into the yard and get some much needed peace and quiet once in a while. kidding....

totally dig the open shelving..

Monday, March 22, 2010

more indoor camping

there is something about this image that is so charming. the small pot belly wood stove is perfect and on my list of "to find" for our future eco cabin in sonoma county.

i wonder if burning wood is really eco friendly. nonetheless, i love the simple clean start to what i imagine is a great little spot somewhere in europe.

tap into "reusable"

you know, some wine bottles are just too amazing to recycle and toss out with the weekly stash.

i have about a dozen bottles that are unique and special. i often have them in the fridge full of water, ready for drinking. it feels better than the evian bottles i used to store in there. AND...drinking out of glass vs. plastic really does a trick on my tongue....it taste so much better and i believe better for us. As you can see above, you can dress up that bottle with a tag that states whatever you want, i just put "tap".

i can't forget about the beautiful spring ranunculus, the were the right spring touch and great to wrap up and send home with the guest.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

indoor camping

found this little $3 gem around christmas in so-cal while junk shopping. this is a total keeper and i know it will perform many functions during our life together.

we hosted a b-day party last night and i sat at the head of the table and i sat on this camping stool for 3 hours...and not a one complaint. i do have to admit i switched it out when the board games broke out...and after a couple too many glasses of wine. this is not for the tipsy types.

happy sunday!!

Friday, March 19, 2010

$4 fix

last sunday i ran into safeway to see if they had any white carnations and they were plum out. BUT the sales lady was hard selling me the saint patrick's day fluorescent green with gold glitter. tempting, but not in the green mood. hee.

she did end up convincing me to buy the multi colored bunch for $3.99 and she sealed the deal when she told me her register was open and i didn't have to stand in line.

as some of you know, my grandma's favorite flowers were sweet pea's and carnations, oh..and home grown roses. well, since she passed i tend to navigate toward the carnations once in a while and i just like to cut them short and put them in small vessels. these are sitting in a muji measuring cup..and do the trick for a quick, cheap pick me up.

Thursday, March 18, 2010


maison couturier in veracruz, mexico is just the kind of destination i get stuck in my head, and it stays stuck until i see it in person. i love that this feels like south of france, yet is in the middle of mexico.

this referbished agricultural estate was originally built by french immigrants in 1833 and it seems as though they maintained that gentle and simple touch that only comes from the french.

i am so drawn to the lighting and the height of this great lighting. i can only imagine the glow at dusk.

it seems like next years vacation may have some legs already.

scrub brushes

save the day or at least they can prevent everything from falling out of your cupboard. this is another photo of the same flat in barcelona, spain. i really do find the wink in this kitchen starting with that old wooden scrub brush holding those 2 cabinet doors together. make it work people...make it work.

i love this kitchen and it is another reminder that in our search for a home, there are creative ways to make old world kitchens work for you. i mean really, can't you just imagine yourself in this kitchen, listening to npr and baking up a storm? they just don't make charm like this anymore.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

take me back

been loving this group for a few years now. they totally take me back to the 80's and i really don't think that is such a bad thing.

i know, i know.....posting music video's isn't my usual, but they put a spell on me....they make me want to smile AND she is so adorable.

this is the title song "the spell" on their current album, check em out...alphabeat.

tile file

this is the same flat i posted a few days ago. the home of architect carlos nicolau. i have been obsessing over this home for over a month now and keep going back to the photo's. it is one of those "ah ha" moments (coined by PM) for me in regards to tiling a home.

the light has gone on and i can't turn it off. the details in this home are so special that one would be forced to simplify everything to give way for the details to play their role. carlos does it perfectly. this room has a simple lounge with pillows and that great farm table with benches in the background...simple and done.

i am going to post more this evening, but thought this naturally lit room was a great way to start another beautiful spring day (70 in sf today).

PS...the jury is out if this is an authentic love for the tile or truly enchanted as it is located in barcelona, spain.

Monday, March 15, 2010

local bowl

i received one of those gifts for christmas that will always carry sentimental value as it was handmade by a friend AND i totally love it.

i quickly placed an order for 2 more (for gifts) and now that i have them in my hot little hands, i am having a hard time letting them go and even thinking of trading mine out for a new grey.

these soft vessels were made by my friend lisa morter. if you are interested in more information let me know.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

chaise me all the way home

i'm looking for the chaise lounge/sleeping bench. this photo does not do the color justice as it is a wonderful golden wheat with a hint of forest mushroom.

this home has very little art displayed and i'm thinking it is due to the incredible tiled floors. i'll post more photo's later so you can take in this surprising beauty queen.


vivid memories of maxine and bud and i heading to the donut shop after church. what a treat...i could pick any donuts i wanted. that was really tough for me as a kid and as an adult even more difficult.

that might have something to do with the incredible foodie donuts of sf. one of my favorite spots for a sunday morning brunch is dynamo donuts on 24th in the mission of sf (a few blocks from home).

today features: vanilla bean, maple bacon and of course the caramel sea salt. it really is brunch on a budget when you consider we have some bacon.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

snapping forward

don't forget to set your clocks forward this weekend. it is the dreaded lost hour for me, but am always convinced it is wonderful as we call it "spring forward" and there is something about that that makes me ready.

a bowl of printed rubber bands. aren't they amazing!!!

Friday, March 12, 2010


i'm not the only one happy to be home. b-mo quickly managed to find his favorite spot, taking in some sun.

it never fails, i fluff the sofa and someone i know who is small, furry and feisty finds his way to the newly fluffed down cushions. i have a feeling this will be a battle that will last years and years. (at least one could hope)

leather patchwork pillow = $5.00 at thrift store.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010


i'm always trying to hide cords, and at times have thrown my hands up and walked away from that "cord scene". blame it on my ocd.

but, sometimes a cord works out and actually brings a bit of harmony and comfort and lived in feeling to your home. i'm going to use this photo as an inspiration/reminder to sometimes just let it be.

need that chair.

my apologies..something has happened to my computer and iphoto's and my photo's are becoming pixilated...i'm working on it. what you cant see is the amazing sisal, wall to wall rug.

Monday, March 8, 2010

one roaring fire

found this great image on the red ticking blog. need i say more? well, maybe just that i love the wood in the decorative fireplace. it still gives me that warm, welcoming tease that tends to draw me in.

interiors by dave coote design.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

happy birthday helen hopkins

who has been my official "other mother" since the late 80's. these were part of one of her college projects back in 1962 and the detail and accuracy of each is over the top.

helen is: giving, insightful (wise), a real artist, loving, loyal, funny and the woman in the room you really hope you get to talk to. i am a better person because of her and cherish this art and honor her on her special day.

these are the ones you grab when you hear the word "fire".

take a load off

this is totally my kind of bathroom sink. i am not one to bounce out of bed and hit the road running...but rather need coffee brought to me in bed and begin my slow 15 minute process of getting out of bed.

this idea of a stool by the sink is perfect for me. i can just sit down when i actually get to the bathroom and brush my teeth in comfort.

this idea of the table with marble and sink plunked on top is approachable and just right.

image found apartment therapy NYC.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

back and refreshed

i'm home from my 2 week vacation and promise this is my last sea shell post until my next beach adventure. here are a few of my favorite beach finds. can you believe the fun crab pincher....i promise he was already dead when i found this.

good to be home, but the sf weather is killing me. i have on every layer i own right now.....its 55 degree's and one would think it was below zero. my tan is melting quickly.....