Wednesday, March 17, 2010

tile file

this is the same flat i posted a few days ago. the home of architect carlos nicolau. i have been obsessing over this home for over a month now and keep going back to the photo's. it is one of those "ah ha" moments (coined by PM) for me in regards to tiling a home.

the light has gone on and i can't turn it off. the details in this home are so special that one would be forced to simplify everything to give way for the details to play their role. carlos does it perfectly. this room has a simple lounge with pillows and that great farm table with benches in the background...simple and done.

i am going to post more this evening, but thought this naturally lit room was a great way to start another beautiful spring day (70 in sf today).

PS...the jury is out if this is an authentic love for the tile or truly enchanted as it is located in barcelona, spain.


Kara said...

The flooring is so funky! I cnat make out if its wood of carpet.

coast said...

Love, love, love it! Love the table in the background too. I crave black and simple and timeless!!

brock street said...

hey kara- they are tile...the whole flat is tiled. amazing