Wednesday, March 10, 2010


i'm always trying to hide cords, and at times have thrown my hands up and walked away from that "cord scene". blame it on my ocd.

but, sometimes a cord works out and actually brings a bit of harmony and comfort and lived in feeling to your home. i'm going to use this photo as an inspiration/reminder to sometimes just let it be.

need that chair.

my apologies..something has happened to my computer and iphoto's and my photo's are becoming pixilated...i'm working on it. what you cant see is the amazing sisal, wall to wall rug.


Dennice {Fringe} said...

i agree. the chair is amazing.

and the cord issue. it's good to let go of some things, like a stray cord. life is just messy. i have found that if we spend our life trying to achieve perfection, we will most certainly miss out on a lot of life's special moments.


brock street said...

couldn't say it any better. can you be my ghost writer on the blog?? please.....

Ryan Hines said...

the cord is killing me. cords always kill me.