Sunday, March 7, 2010

happy birthday helen hopkins

who has been my official "other mother" since the late 80's. these were part of one of her college projects back in 1962 and the detail and accuracy of each is over the top.

helen is: giving, insightful (wise), a real artist, loving, loyal, funny and the woman in the room you really hope you get to talk to. i am a better person because of her and cherish this art and honor her on her special day.

these are the ones you grab when you hear the word "fire".


Unknown said...

i have a couple of those things i'd grab too! lovely that you have those from her. have a great week! susan

brock street said...

hi susan-
she is just one of those people who has had a tremendous impact on my life and her talent is priceless and these are all to special.