Friday, March 26, 2010

we have pressure too

i mean come on, who says guys don't have pressure too...we are all suppose to look like steve mcqueen. i'm not kidding, even when i was a small child, i remember women talking about how amazing he was and he still has that affect on women today. i'm really screwed.

anyway, this is one of 20 new photo's that were just released this week for the first time of steve. i'm posting this because it is an amazing photo AND those moc's are amazing. i am looking for a pair just like a really big way. the hunt is on.


red ticking said...

i dont know who i love more... steve or robert.?? hmmmm... xx

Ivy Lane said... was Robert and Paul for my Mom!!! It's okay if you strive to look like Steve "we" won't be disappointed! :O

Dennice {Fringe} said...

steve mcqueen is the single most sexiest man there was. ever.

drool + swoon = droon

(but you have nothing to worry about, darling, you're gorgeous!)