Thursday, March 25, 2010


this is for you ivy lane, here is a shot of our little kitchen table. it was a fantastic find and this shot doesn't really show the true length. it is just over 7 feet, but narrow.

found this from a local french importer. this table was used in a beer garden in brussels. it has 2 benches that are amazing too. pine plank top and metal kelly green legs. it is a really great place to hang out, and with the narrow width, creates a real intimate dinner with friends...right in the kitchen.


Ivy Lane said...

LOVE your "reality"! Thanks for posting! Looks like a great place to hang out, brunch, chat, wine and dine! You have some great natural light goin' on there too!

Happy Friday!

Nan Myers said...

I am sitting at my computer that is also the same as yours. I bought them for my store, and couldn't live without one. I really enjoy your blog.

Laura said...

one of the coziest little spots in San Francisco!