Thursday, March 18, 2010

scrub brushes

save the day or at least they can prevent everything from falling out of your cupboard. this is another photo of the same flat in barcelona, spain. i really do find the wink in this kitchen starting with that old wooden scrub brush holding those 2 cabinet doors together. make it work people...make it work.

i love this kitchen and it is another reminder that in our search for a home, there are creative ways to make old world kitchens work for you. i mean really, can't you just imagine yourself in this kitchen, listening to npr and baking up a storm? they just don't make charm like this anymore.


red ticking said...

blueberry muffins here i come! xoxo

Dennice {Fringe} said...

i want a flat in madrid, dang it, asap.

i'm with you, i love to mix old with new.


coast said...

Charming! Love the simplicity and authenticity of this kitchen...Old world rules!

brock street said...

old world totally rules and rocks my world.