Sunday, March 28, 2010

yippee....the show is over

at last. this bug house design piece of modern art has been in the gallery next door for 2 months waiting to come on over to our pad. it was purchased on valentines day and we have been waiting ever since, and finally she released it on friday.

this is a photo heat trasfer of a fender amp on a plank of knotty pine. what do you think?? i'm loving it.


Laura said...


Dennice {Fringe} said...

it's like music to my eyes!



brock street said...

i want to rename my title to one of your comments.
i have the best blog coming.....i am trying to hold out until tomorrow...but it is tough.
i will give you a clue.
it has to do with my favorite subject and an accessory.

24 Corners said...

Unbelievable cool and unbelievably creative!!!

as D said...Luck-y!