Saturday, December 5, 2009

Punk, folk or street?

i'm not sure how to describe it other than brilliant for a few bucks. i bought these are our work craft fair last week.

an artist name, dustin kerr had a whole table full of these pure, little watercolors for $2.00. he was being very generous is offering great art at an incredible price.

i really do love to layer in urban-primitive feeling artwork like this into the mix of decor. it really isn't competing with anything else beautiful as it really holds its own place. i'm still not sure how i will frame them, but thinking of a total contrast and using the same old vintage, gold gilded frame i am going to frame the horse in. i'll keep you posted.

if you want to connect with the artist, let me know and i will connect you. i am having problems replying to comments, so please be patient as i attempt to learn something new on the computer...i am the most inept with technology and really am quite shocked i can even upload a photo to this blog...


Unknown said...

cool, little pieces of art. what a great find!

i love the simplicity and overall feeling of your blog. i found you through your sister's blog, she's a friend of mine on twitter.

i, too, knew nothing about computer tech stuff initially, but out of necessity, i figured it out. you will, too.

brock street said...

i love your blog ten things! you are so inspiring and an eye to die for.