Saturday, December 12, 2009

breaking up is hard to do, part duex

while driving in sonoma county during the thanksgiving holiday, we stopped a great little antique shop.

i have been working with a friend/client in NYC for a few years and still have a few outstanding pieces we need to find for her home. one of them was one more vessel to sit on her wine bar. well, the first thing i saw when i walked in to this hidden treasure location was this great little guy. it was a grab and go scene!!

so, i brought him home and he sat quite well with my collection of odds and ends, and at that moment i decided i was going to keep looking for my friend and keep this for myself. totally this little guy and i were meant to be together forever.

well, my friend came to town last week and i caved and passed on this little treasure and there is no looking back and the feeling of ambivalence has passed. i know she will enjoy this more than i, but there was still a twinge of sadness. kidding.

don't you think the new and old in the photo compliment each other quite well? the only thing missing was the brandy inside of the glass canteen.


coast said...

I know exactly how you feel!!! I buy things for people all the time and have the hardest time parting with the treasures. But there is always some new gem to be discovered...Or at least that is what I try to convince myself to ease the pain. Love your find by the way. Looking for just that to make into a little lamp for my bar.

Dennice {Fringe} said...

I agree about the old and new. It's the best combo. Such a beautiful photo, and I love the little nook with the mirror in the background. Perfection!

I know your dear friend will treasure this gift. It's exactly how you giving. And now you can go hunt for a new/old treasure to fill the space, yay!

brock street said...

i will keep an eye out for one just like this for you coast.

brock street said...

hey fringe-
you know, this is why i photograph these i can keep them in my memory for inspiration.
patti better keep one eye open when i am in NYC again...that little gem might walk itself right out the door.

Anonymous said...

was just reading through your blog and saw your post on the Australian house in elle Australia. That's done by Lynn Gardener, she has a shop in Melbourne and a website called Empire vintage.Google it - you'll love what else she has done to another place. Merry Christmas!

prashant said...

Love your find by the way. Looking for just that to make into a little lamp for my bar.

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