Saturday, February 7, 2009

sweet revolution..oh, holy cow

i am not kidding, these are the best darn caramels i have ever had. totally organic maple and honey topped with some chunky sea salt. i am a caramel fan and have tried many -a=caramel's, but this one takes the cake.
i was on the hunt today and i found my inspiration. this packaging is totally hand stamped, sealed with wax and obviously made with love and detail.
i don't know the name of the woman who owns this little company, but i do know she is local and has a tremendous eye AND pallet. she is a friend of the owner of gypsy honeymoon, 3599 24th street san fran. (a great little french inspired shop in the mission, sf) where i found today's treasure.


red ticking said...

send a carton on up mister.good posting today!

brock street said...

the ticking needs these. i bought the last 2 boxes in the store and one if for mom and the other is almost gone...:). look up sweet revolution. she has them only in a few SF stores. these need to be in seattle.

Unknown said...

the caramels sound wonderful!

red ticking said...

they are on their way to seattle!!!!!!!!!! yippee...thanks for the great tip