Saturday, October 10, 2009

stack attack

i must confess...i am a stacker (much like a hoarder). i spend a lot of my free time stacking things, whether it dishes, books, clothes, towels....and they all have a particular order of sorts.

this stack of books has had a Buddha head, old mason jar, japanese miniture name it, sitting atop the stack. i decided to change it up this morning with a little treasure found in the woods. its a nice play off the little gold-gilded frame in the background.

wood = free


Alexandria ♥ said...

Dear Brock Street,
I love your blog.
A compliment to you might be to refer to you as a wonderful wabibitos!:)

brock street said...

your so sweet and made my sunday.
so, i love your blog too and love that bell canvas tote. is that for sale???

Cinemadog said...

I must say that is the perfect log! And the price better than free. You got a walk in the woods too!