Sunday, October 11, 2009

i saw the light

have you ever had a shopping moment when you see something and you dart for it like it is the last one on earth...and you are afraid someone else is going to get it before you? i know, it is a humbling moment for me as i feel a bit guilty for wanting something so bad.

well, i was in an antique store several weeks ago and right when i walked in the door i saw this little gem and did the bee line. to my surprise, it was totally in the pricing language i understand ($39.00), so i didn't even have to ask if they could do better. love that!!

total grab and go experience! actually, maybe i should be honest and say it was grab and run....i thought this must have been mis-marked and didn't want to get caught.


red ticking said...

what a great find... he he

Karyn said...

i so know this feeling. i always have to tell my heart to stop beating so fast and keep my feet from running to grab it because if i make a dash then someone might realize that they are standing next to the prize and grab it before i get to it!