Monday, October 26, 2009

cloudy days in this room....NO PROBLEM

in a constant quest to find inspiration, i often look through one of my top 10 favorite books, building with reclaimed materials (january 2007). this is a must have book if you are at all inspired by reclaimed materials and your home.

this dining room rings that simple elegance i strive for: the whole wall of heavenly cabinets, the wide plank floors and the glass ceiling give it that calming touch. i'm pretty sure this room could be whatever you wanted it to be.

did i mention that great fireplace on the back wall? maybe it is just a wood storage spot, but i am going to believe it is a working fireplace (much unlike my "decorative fireplace" in my apt.

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red ticking said...

wait until you see the new books... just arrived today... will blow your mind... santa claus is coming to town...