Saturday, November 7, 2009

caving in to color

i know, i have been the advocate of many different aesthetics, including the neutral pallet. well, i do cave in once in a blue moon (blue...hee, hee).
found this chair at gypsy honeymoon 8+ months ago ($100.00), i couldnt turn down the golden fabric, rich dark wood and brass nail heads at that price. (does it look ggma to you/great grandma)
back to the purpose of this posting. the persimmon branches!! i must have been a good person last week because i came home to this amazing bunch of branches...loaded with fruit. apparently they will last through thanksgiving. will keep you posted on that one.

additional found objects at a bargain price: real leather patch pillow = $10.00 found in 2001 in seattle, butter churn jar (used for large vase) = $20.00 found in 2007 san francisco.


red ticking said...

and no mention of the beauty in the distance?

Janean said...

classic designs are not ggma unless the fabric screams outdated in a bad way. you found beautiful piece and at a bargain to boot! yay!