Saturday, November 14, 2009

phase 2 (persimmon)

well, the persimmons started falling off their branches, BUT they were not soft or rotting. i just changed it up a bit and took them out of the vase, but the fruit off the branches and piled them in this old iron vessel. i know, the leaves are all dried up, but they are a good filler. organic/compost inspired!!

phase 2 has begun and i kind of like this arrangement just as much as phase 1-- the branches in a vase (see previous post from last week).

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Laura said...

I LOVE IT! Sustainability at its best! My mom would always do wonderful things with flower arrangements that were beginning to droop. She would take the flowers that were still "happy" and use various other vessels and items to come out with an arrangement that was perfectly new! She even took the rose petals to make potpourri and placed them in beautiful containers..... the sweet smell lingered on for ages